10 Gear You Should Take with You During a Winter Vacation

Most of us are taking advantage of the winter break to spend time with our family and friends. Some want to stay at home, but others prefer to travel to different places.

If you are one of the travelers or your family prefers to travel for a winter vacation, these are the things that you should take with you:

1. Sweaters

We have to stay warm even during winter. We should never forget packing clothes that will keep us warm for us not to be sick on our precious vacation. It should be a combination of short and long sleeves tops.

To avoid excess baggage, we should wear the heaviest clothes and put the lightest on our luggage, it will also protect us from cold airplane air conditioning systems.

2. Leggings or fitted pants

Together with sweaters pants are essentials too. Make sure to have two or more pairs depending on how long you will stay for your vacation. And make sure to bring a comfortable pair.

3. Shoes

It is also important to bring shoes on a winter getaway, one or two pairs of sneakers and boots are enough. We must make sure it will keep your feet warm and comfortable.

It should also be waterproof or water-resistant. Make sure that it is slip-proof as well as the winter weather makes all surfaces slippery. This will avoid accidents too.

And if you are planning to work out even on a cold winter day, you might want to consider the guidelines that will help you on your running and will keep you safe from accidents, and help you avoid getting sick.

And if you are looking for running shoes and planning to buy one, you can check out the link below, there are lots of options here that will surely help you decide.

4. Warm Socks

Of course, shoes are always worn with socks, especially on winter days. Socks have a big part in our journey, they will keep us warm and help us avoid catching colds that may hinder us from enjoying our moments with our loved ones.

So always remember to bring several pairs, we should place them on a separate pouch to make sure we will see and get them easily.

5. Medicines

These are some of the most important kits we should never forget when we travel especially with our family. Make sure all the maintenance is there, make sure to also bring medicines for fever, cough, and colds.

Some places are far from the hospital, so make sure we bring things that will avoid us from needing to get there. First aids are important too.

6. Down Jacket

This, we should never forget. Always remember that the down jacket should not be too loose or too fitted, to allow air to get in through your body. It may take a large space in your luggage bag, but it will make a great help for this kind of vacation, that’s why we should never forget to put this on our lists.

7. Winter Scarfs

It is our protection to keep our neck warm and comfortable. You can bring several scarfs too because it is light in weight. You can bring different colors that will surely make your outfit of the day more wonderful and Instagram-worthy. After all, we want memories of this kind of vacation.

8. Gloves

These are as important as scarves in keeping our hands warm and stopping them from being exposed to the wind and cold. Hands are easily getting cold as much as our feet.

9. Bonnet (known as winter hat)

This is essential in covering our heads and sometimes our ears too. There are lots of names for this hat. These are known as woolly hats in British, wool hats in American English, knit hats, sock caps, skullcaps, etc.

But it only has two purposes, the main purpose is to cover our heads and sometimes it can be used to match our outfit. As they say, no matter where we are, we should always be fashionable.

10. Toiletries/Makeup/Other Gear

With these things, we should make sure to keep it light in weight to avoid exceeding your weight limit. It should be in a separate bag, most importantly when you are planning to bring food but better not.

One more thing about it is we should also make sure that it won’t spill in our luggage especially makeup, lotions, shampoo, and other fluids that we are planning to bring to avoid messing our entire luggage most especially our clothes. We should also put it in a protected pouch, something that won’t spill.

Make sure to also check your Airline rules with regards to the limit on the amount of this stuff when you take them on your carry-on bag. So, we don’t have to leave it behind.


A short tip when packing all of these is to make sure clothes are packed together, you can roll it to save spaces, while other accessories like scarves, gloves, and socks should be packed separately in a small pouch to easily be found and avoid consuming your time finding them.

Like everything in life when we travel, we have to be organized, it will help us in many ways like it will give us minimal time to find things, keep us from getting stress on our vacation, and even save lives.

When we know what to do and where to get and put everything, we are making our lives easier and better. It is always better to be sure of your plans.

Also, if you want to bring jewelry. You can bring a few but this is not as essential as the ones that we included on our list especially during winter and when you are getting to an adventure like skiing or snowboarding.

And there you go. These are the helpful lists that we should consider bringing when we wanted to travel in the winter.

Photo by Daniel Frank from Pexels

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