10 Great Netflix Shows You Might Have Missed

Since its launch in 2007, Netflix has been a blessing in disguise for those nights in front of the TV. There is something for everyone and a lot to be discovered. Netflix has many hidden gems that are the best TV shows you’ve never heard of. The media streaming service keeps knocking it out the park with Netflix originals. These, among others, are addictive. Thankfully, we can watch them back to back with the unlimited streaming that is provided.

Michelle H. Thomas, our author in expertise on casino online scam awareness, is a huge movie lover but like so many of us are often too busy to Netflix binge. She is playing a little catch up when it comes to ticking off the best shows on Netflix.

Below we have compiled the ten best Netflix series 2019 that need to be added to your must-watch list.

10. The Witcher

An epic tale of magic, monsters, and fate The Witcher is inspired by fantasy book writer Andrzej Sapkowski. The epic retelling was one of the most anticipated series to come out in 2019. A trio of main characters navigates the violent world they live in and change each other’s destiny forever.

9. Russian Doll

Russian Doll is an ingenious mixture of alternate realities, crossed timelines, mystery, and philosophy. It explores profound philosophical ideas, such as morality. In this series, we follow Nadia who comes to her tragic demise at a young age but is somehow transported back to relive the same night over again.

8. The Umbrella Academy

Superhero geeks will kick themselves for missing The Umbrella Academy. The series is based upon superhero origin stories. It explores the trials and tribulations of a set of superhero siblings as they encounter parental issues. The series is full of sub-themes which make it a firm favourite within the cult and pop culture audiences.

7. Big Mouth

Big Mouth is not for the easily offended. The pop culture favourite is an animated series about puberty and the struggles of teenage years. The series tackles some topical subjects that other writers wouldn’t dare to joke about. Big Mouth is profoundly funny, full of energy, and will have you laughing when you know you shouldn’t be.

6. Jessica Jones

2019 saw the end of Jessica Jones season 3. The series takes a different approach to superheroes. In this series, the superhero is a private detective who has super strength. Jessica Jones teams up with her adoptive sister who has new powers. They become an unstoppable force on the hunt for a serial killer.

5. The Confession Killer

True-crime documentaries are becoming increasingly popular. The Confession Killer was a massive hit amongst others of its genre. The series exposed class divisions and the negative effect of journalism in this retelling of Henry Lee Lucas‘s case. He was one of the most infamous con artists of all time.

4. Dark

Dark is a German sci-fi drama that has taken the Netflix audience by storm. It begins with children disappearing from the German town Windon. The past is then unraveled of four families that hold secrets from four generations ago. The series is about parallel realities and is a scientific nerd out.

3. AfterLife

After Life is a tear-jerking and heartwarming series that explores the life of a man after the death of his beloved wife. The series dives deep into ethical and philosophical issues. These include life, death, drugs, religion, relationships, and much more. The 2nd season has just been released, and there are rumours of a 3rd.

2. Ozark

Marty Byrde is a financial advisor by trade. He lands the Byrde family in hot water trying to make amends for a money-laundering scheme gone wrong for the Mexican drug cartel.

A larger laundering operation is needed to subsidise their losses. Therefore, a casino is constructed as a cover. The family also becomes entangled in more criminal activity, including gang families and the mafia. The American crime drama has just wrapped up its 3rd season, and from its cliffhanger of a finale, the 4th season looks to be just as gripping.

1. Living with Yourself

A man in the middle of a mid-life crisis manages to clone himself unknowingly and creates a ‘better’ version of him. Told from both perspectives the series is hilariously funny. It explores in-depth topics about self-worth and image.

Time for a Netflix Marathon!

These ten suggestions are only the tip of the iceberg of TV shows you may have missed in 2019. Still, they are the best and will give you hours of ‘you’ time in front of the TV. Once you’re all caught up, you’ll be wondering why you never watched when they first came out.

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