10 Real-Life Lessons About Cheaper City Break

  1. Select a Cheaper Destination 

Do you want to spend your weekend in Rome or Paris? These cities offer multiple attractions. It is, however, much cheaper to visit cities, such as Istanbul, Budapest, or Lisbon. It is affordable to buy dinner in these cities. You will spend more money in either Rome or Paris. It is extremely important to select an affordable holiday destination. 

  1. Travel Off-Season 

If you want to travel in February, you can travel to Europe. The cities in Europe are not in their peak season, so they are more affordable. They are, however, more expensive during the summer months. It is expensive to travel to cities near ski slopes since they are in their peak season. Also, this is the time to explore some exciting last min hotel deals around the city.

  1. Travel Mid-Week

If you can get time during the week, travel mid-week. The flight prices are much cheaper during the mid-week. Therefore, book your flight from Sunday to Tuesday. However, do not book your flight from Friday to Sunday. You can save money by traveling mid-week. 

  1. Use Flight Comparison Websites

Use flight comparison websites to find the best deals. Finding the best deals can save you more money in the long term. Check out websites, such as Google Flights, Kayak, and Skyscanner, to find cheap flights to your vacation destination. Use an incognito browser or clear your browser history to find affordable flights. 

Remember to check the cheap flights like Jack’s Flight Club. They send their best deals to their subscribers. If you can join them, you will always get the best deals from them. These deals can save you money. 

  1. Carry Hand Luggage Only 

If you want to travel light, you can just fly with your hand luggage. It is much cheaper to fly with hand luggage. EasyJet and some airlines do not have weight restrictions on hand luggage. They only have restrictions on the size of the hand luggage. It is best to check the hand luggage allowance of the airline before booking your ticket. Carrying your hand luggage only can save you money. 

  1. Compare Multiple Accommodations Options 

It is no longer necessary to book a hotel. This is because there are various accommodation options. Use Trivago and Booking.com to compare multiple hotels. It is even better to compare AirBnBs to find the best deal on your accommodation. 

It is much cheaper to stay in the business district of the city during the weekend. It can save you some money. 

  1. Select Self-Catering Facilities 

If you select self-catered accommodation or book an AirBnB, you can reduce your expenses. You can even cook your food to save money. If you do not want to cook, you can eat your main meal at lunchtime. Self-catering facilities can reduce your expenses, saving you more money. 

  1. Free Museum Days

Museums across Europe are free on some days. If you plan to visit Rome, you will probably want to visit the top attractions in Rome. It is free to visit the Roman Forum and the Colosseum on the first Sunday of every month. It is free to visit the Picasso Museum on Thursday afternoons and the first Sunday of every month in Barcelona. It is even free to visit the popular Louvre in Paris at some times throughout the year. It is, therefore, crucial to double-check before traveling. If you can visit the top attractions of the city for free, you can save more money. 

  1. Travel Smart

Travel via a rental car or taxi is going to cost you a lot of money in most cities and that’s why for many people public transport is the way to save. Many cities offer cheaper daily or weekly passes that can help you cut down the cost of your weekend. Bikes are also a great way to get around and many cities even offer you the chance to rent e bikes via publicly run schemes, meaning you don’t even need to concern yourself with your fitness levels or worry about heat. 

  1. Sightseeing Passes 

If you want to do sightseeing, you can buy a city pass to save some money. It is free to get to some of the top attractions when you have a city pass. The top European cities offer a city pass. It is affordable to purchase a city pass. It can save you money.

Photo by Courtney Cook on Unsplash

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