10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Proton X50

We all have been aware of the Proton saga. It’s one of the reasons for the recent popularity of Proton X50 in the Malaysian market. However, every car lover is keeping an eye on this flagship variant of the Proton SUV cars. So, if you are one of them, find all the 10 things pretty interesting about Proton X50 discussed below. 

1. Unmistakable sunroof experience

You will enjoy the panoramic view from the easily expandable and convertible sunroof available in this model. However, sunroofs inside car models are still strange to many Malaysian drivers; you will love the way sunrise and sunset view seeps in. 

2. Even better blind spot warnings

While driving Proton X50, get the blind spot warnings from both sides. It can be both in flash or beep sound. This is also available even at a lower speed. 

You get instant “beep” warnings whenever your car is going off the lane. This beep system is initiated from the Lane Departure Warning system of this car. 

3. Track and find your car with Geo-fence and GPS system

With the Geo-fence system turned on, you will get notifications on the registered mobile device. These alerts let you whether your car is moving inside or outside of the set range. 

4. Pretty useful key fob

Proton X50 gives every driver a suitable experience. Even its key fob proves the same, brimmed with multiple features you love. For example, it can start your car from a distance, wind down the windows before you reach the car. You can enable all these features even from your Proton car app. 

5. A thundering sound system that is putting others to shame!

X50 has one of the best sound systems for music lovers in Malaysia. Get the ultimate convertible experience on your favorite highway roads with high-volume music and no care for the world. The voice is crisp, noise-free, and the bass is quite stable. You can feel the beat all around you, thumping continuously when you play the music you love. 

6. A pretty convenient car to drive every day.

You have everything from a key fob, mobile app, to voice command for easy navigation in this car. Whenever you turn off the car, Proton X50 understands the algorithm well to go into parking mode. And it automatically closes the window when you mistakenly leave it open. 

7. Smoother than ever DCT gearbox

Get to drive around the city or the country smoothly with the 7-speed DCT gearbox of Proton X50. So, you can try the car yourself for the test drive to see how the speed gets in your control with every gear change you initiate.

8. Irresistible functions must make this car your favorite!

There is a full pack of ADAS features enabled in Proton X50 for you to drive like the ultimate driver. You get complete safety while using this car through any Malaysian lane or street. For example, it gives you proper Lane Keep Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control, Autonomous Emergency Braking, and Intelligent Cruise Control. 

This car has advanced features to get into the mode of self-parking. Whether you are planning for a parallel spot or a perpendicular one, you get it done smoothly. That is the benefit of its intelligent control system. 

Besides that, the credit also goes to the 360-degree camera setup. That camera helps this model to maneuver better and freely, even through tight spots. 

9. Premium ambiance and softer touch!

We know that Proton X50 is a car full of advanced and intelligent features. What grabs even more attention is the look and feel of this model when you sit inside. You will find a soft-touch covering all the from the front-end of the car to the black roof lining. 

Even the aluminum finishing at different corners inside the car has a premium appeal. In brief, you would want to use this car for long hours without tiring your back or mood. In fact, you will only feel more relaxed while driving around rationally and intelligently. 

10. A sporty mode that is actually tougher 

Usually, other convertibles would give you only a sharper acceleration and longer revs. But Proton X50’s sporty mode gives you harder launches and aggressive acceleration. Its front panel’s cluster also changes to inform you about the sporty mode that you turned on. 

Photo by Jem Sanchez from Pexels

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