100 Years Later, Rachel Crothers Inspires Playwright Alice Tuan

Julie Hébert’s continuing series Look What She Did! features the incomparable Alice Tuan sharing her admiration for feminist playwright and theatre director Rachel Crothers, who had great success in the American commercial theater… over a hundred years ago.

Rachel Crothers
Rachel Crothers (December 12, 1878 – July 5, 1958) was an American playwright and theater director known for her funny, well-crafted plays with feminist themes.

Rachel Crothers wrote and directed her own plays on Broadway in the early twentieth century, opening up the discussion regarding a woman’s role in society. With her wit and bravery, she explored the value of women in society, proving with her own life they could have full careers if that was their desire. Through her work, she encouraged others to break through societal barriers and constrictive gender stereotypes to follow their passions. And she did all this before women had the right to vote!

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