2 Tips for Exhibiting Your Fine Flatware in your Home

Interior and home design can be highly subjective and hotly contested topics. What might look good to one person might not to another, and stylistic decisions are influenced by personal tastes and preferences.

This can make designing your home a tricky and often confusing subject. The sheer number of choices and options available can leave some people feeling frozen with indecision. When it comes to displaying your prized possessions, such as your fine flatware, what are some of the best ways to do so? Let’s find out.

Think About Your Table Layout

You might be surprised to learn that there are strict and long-standing rules about how a table should be set. The particular formation has been tweaked and developed over decades, resulting in a system designed to offer maximum practicality for diners while creating an appealing visual arrangement. If you have fine tableware, it is your duty to it to arrange it properly on your dining table.

Certain holidays and religious festivals require unique table layouts. For Passover, the table must be arranged according to a set of particular rules. Plates are stacked by order of size, starting with the smallest, while a napkin is placed to the left of the stack. Dinner and dessert forks are placed on this napkin, with the dinner fork closest to the stack of plates. Soup and dessert spoons are placed to the right of the stack of plates. A bread plate with a bread knife sits to the left of the forks, while water, wine glasses, and coffee mugs are placed above the spoons.

The center of the table is important at Passover, this is where things like Passover gifts can be displayed, as well as candles, flowers, or fruits.

Use a Display Unit

While holidays like Passover give us the perfect excuse to show off our fine flatware, what about the rest of the year? While you might have no problem storing your regular, everyday flatware away in a drawer or cupboard, your expensive items might demand a little more respect.

A display unit can be a fantastic place to house your fine flatware while it is not in use. Not only will this keep them safe and protected from wear, tear, and corrosion, it will also allow them to remain prominent in your home and still serve an aesthetic design purpose even when they are not in use.

Choose a display cabinet that suits the design of your flatware. This will create a consistent tone in your home and establish a sense of cohesion and uniformity. Choose on with a large glass face to allow both you and your guests to admire your flatware even when it is safely stored away.


It’s only natural that we would want to show off our most prized possessions. However, fine flatware might only get used a handful of times a year, so it would be a shame for it to remain hidden away in the interim. Follow the tips in this guide and ensure your flatware is displayed properly and prominently in your home.

Photo by Mika Baumeister on Unsplash

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