3 Engagement Ring Trends to Look Out For This Year

Congratulations! You’ve found The One. The tradition of exchanging engagement rings dates back to ancient times, and considering that rings symbolize eternity, you definitely want to get it right when you select yours. Whether you have the ideal ring firmly in mind or you’re just starting to dream, you need to know the latest trends before snapping that all-important ring selfie. Now more than ever, brides-to-be want to reveal their personality, including in the form of unique engagement rings like Emma Stone’s gorgeous pearl and diamond ring. But that’s not the only way to flaunt your style. You might want to glam it up with an unusual cut, or maybe you intend to do research into the story behind the stone. Following are three of 2020’s hot trends:


This year is all about showing the world the real You. So while diamonds have been fashionable for about the last hundred years or so, pearls have symbolized purity, integrity and loyalty for millennia, making pearl rings the perfect choice for your engagement. Don’t be afraid to strike out on your own; pick a ring that genuinely speaks to you. It’s all about authenticity and letting your true self shine through.

Another way to show your style is with an unusual cut. Fancy cuts are all the rage this year, ‘fancy’ being any stone that isn’t a round, brilliant diamond. Expect the unexpected in the form of pearls, emeralds, rose cuts, unique bands and hidden halos. Engagement rings will really come out of the box in 2020 (rim shot).


Chalk it up to Downton Abbey, but what comes around goes around and antiques are hot hot hot this year. Millennial and Gen Z couples believe it is important that their purchases reflect their personal values, which includes global consciousness. As a results, many are opting to go with an heirloom piece, both as a nod to family tradition and to the environment by recycling previously-owned gems and precious metals. Vintage rings are all about the details: delicate filigree, unusual cuts, and dazzling Art Deco designs. Whether you choose to repurpose a family piece or shop the estate sales, vintage jewelry is both classic and glamorous. You can’t go wrong with a ring that has already withstood the test of time.


What’s better than a gorgeous single-stone ring? A double or a triple of course! The two-stone, aka the Toi et Moi, (‘you and me’ in French) symbolizes the unity of two spirits. The gems are set side by side or close together to show the closeness of the two hearts. Rings with dual gems aren’t actually new for 2020; Napoleon offered a diamond and sapphire version to Josephine way back in 1796. While you aren’t obligated to recreate their famously intense courting, feel free to take a page from their jewelry selections (and their torrid love letters, if you’re up to the challenge).

As for the triple stone or trilogy ring, it too has plenty of history behind it: the three stones represent the past, present and future, or love, friendship and fidelity. While this one is a true classic, Meghan Markle brought it back to the forefront with her triple diamond ring. But there’s no reason to copy; feel free to mix colors, gem stones and shapes! Another plus of the triple stone is that they look phenomenal stacked with a wedding band.

Photo: unsplash-logoAni Kolleshi

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