3 Reasons to Why You Should Play at a Casino With Instant Withdrawals

For some people, playing at a casino that pays out winnings in an instant is an obvious choice, but it certainly isn’t as clear to everyone. Why does it matter if I have to wait a day or two to have a cash out processed by the gambling site as opposed to receiving whatever I withdraw in an instant?

The truth is, it doesn’t necessarily matter. There are, however, valid reasons for choosing a gambling site that pays out fast over one that doesn’t. In this article we have listed three of these.

1. Your Winnings Will Be Instantly Secured

You may not relate to this problem yourself, but it’s quite a common phenomenon to find that players win a larger sum of money just to gamble it away the same evening or the day after. Not because they didn’t cashout their win, but because they were tempted to play and were able to cancel their withdrawal.

At the vast majority of gambling sites, it’s possible to cancel a requested cashout as long as the withdrawal hasn’t been processed by the casino’s payments department. Some players have a hard time keeping their fingers in check and end up losing what would have been a really nice cashout, just because they had to wait too long to receive their money.

Obviously, this can never happen at an instant withdrawal casino as the money will be instantly sent to your bank account, e-Wallet or whatever method you choose to cashout with. So if you know that you have a hard time keeping your fingers in check, this is a great reason to pick such a gambling site.

2. Bonus Hunting Becomes Much Easier

As you may or may not know, there’s a tremendous value in bonus offers. While some are better than other, your overall RTP will always be increased when playing with a bonus. If you do it correctly and use the right bonuses, you could even guarantee yourself a long term profit, even though it’s difficult.

Frequently going from one casino to another to hunt for bonuses is a valid strategy that hardcore gambling enthusiasts are using. For convenience sake, this strategy works best when playing at casinos with instant withdrawals. Simply because you can use the same bankroll to instantly withdraw from one gambling site and then instantly deposit to another where you take part of a new bonus offer.

For this to work, it is of course crucial that you are using a payment method that doesn’t have a long transaction time. For instance, Skrill, Neteller, MuchBetter and other e-Wallets where any money is received seconds after it has been sent to the account.

Bonus hunting obviously works at slow paying gambling sites too, but playing at these you either have to wait for your money to be received or have a bigger bankroll which you can split between online casinos.

3. Because You Love Spontaneous Purchases

Imagine seeing an ad about the newest smartphone which you would love to have or going window shopping where you find shoes to die for. That same evening you make a deposit at your favorite casino that supports instant withdrawals to enjoy a few spins on a slot machine. Before you know it, you have hit the jackpot with a bonus round that pays 5,000 times your stake.

At many gambling sites you would have to wait at least a day to be able to spend your winnings, but not here. Since you played at an instant withdrawal casino, your money will be sent to you in an instant and you’ll be able to place an order on that smartphone or those shoes that you looked at. Feels good for the ego, doesn’t it?

To have your winnings instantly received in your hand, you would of course have to use a payment method that doesn’t have any transaction time, such as Trustly or an e-Wallet.

Photo by ben frost on Unsplash

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