4 Basic Casino Etiquette Dos

Casinos have plenty of rules. Firstly, there’s someone always watching – casinos have countless surveillance staff and cameras around. There are friendly people in suits behind the table who will entertain you. Still, their primary function is to watch the games closely and enforce the policies and procedures the casino has put in place to safeguard all that money.

We’ve compiled some brief rules you can follow. It is not all rules. Rather, it’s all about courtesy and respect and should give you an idea of how you’re expected to behave on the casino floor. Happy gambling!

Don’t Pull The Phone Out

Firstly, don’t pull the phone out. This goes back to the pre-cellphone era. Back then, casinos did not want anyone taking photos on the casino floor. Instead, this matter was about security and not wanting people casing the joint. However, it had also been because the rich, famous, and infamous did not enjoy having photos of them in casinos splashing all over the press.

However, technology has since caught up to them. All the capabilities engineered into that little computer in your pocket represent the most serious threat to game protection that casinos have ever faced – and there are many ways it does. Count cards, use the camera to catch the dealer’s hole card, signal what cards have been dealt to accomplish – and the list goes on!

The more recent developments are scarier. New apps use your phone’s video capabilities to predict what section a roulette ball might land in. There was even a group of Russian hackers filming slot machines, streaming that to servers back in Eastern Europe that could figure out where in the long sequence the machine’s random number generator (RNG) was and then tell them the exact millisecond to press spin to get a win!

As a result, it’s not hard to figure out why casino staff are not a fan of your bringing your phone out during a game. If you are filming while playing baccarat Philippines, don’t be surprised if the staff asks you to stop.

Don’t Over Drink

Alcoholic beverages are complimentary. Furthermore, in about half of American casinos, alcoholic drinks are complimentary; that does not mean a free, all-you-can-drink buffet of shots and beers.

Rather, there are predetermined rounds throughout the casino, and they will pass by any given slot or table about every 20 to 30 minutes. There is also a possibility that you need to wait that long for your drink, and you need only one (1) drink at a time.

Cash Out Properly

Thirdly, cash out properly. There are minimum and maximum bets you can place while gaming. Usually, you can find them on a lighted sign or on the right of the dealer – on a placard. Take note of these before playing. Then, you play and wait until the hand is completed.

After that, then pass your money to the dealer, and they will give you casino chips in return.

Proper Dress Code

Manners maketh man. And what also makes the man? Their dress sense and style, too! Before visiting a casino, follow the dress code and its guidelines. Plenty of casinos enforce a dress code.

Don’t forget the cocktail dress for the women, and for men, a suit never fails.

Wrapping Up

There are plenty of rules – we warned you. However, you’re there to relax and have fun. Don’t sweat the small stuff! Every penny’s going to be worth it. It’s a beautiful experience that is hard to top.


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