4 Benefits of Creating a Guest Suite in Your Finished Basement

Finishing the basement is on your list of home improvement projects for this year. Once that’s done, it makes sense to decide how you will use the space. Since finished basements in Canada can serve many purposes, you may be considering more than one solution. Give the idea of creating a guest suite a lot of thought. Here are some of the reasons why this use of the space will come in handy.

No Playing Musical Beds When You Have Weekend Company

At present, having weekend guests takes some coordination. Which of the kids will temporarily move in with a sibling while company is there? Is there a need to outfit the couch in the den so it can be used for sleeping? Maybe you and your spouse don’t like the idea of guests sleeping on a fold-out sofa, so you feel compelled to give up your room for the weekend.

None of this has to happen if the basement is set up as a guest suite. The kids get to sleep in their own beds and you get to do the same. At the same time, your guests get to enjoy space that’s obviously prepared with them in mind. Everyone wins.

Keeping Different Hours is No Problem

You’re the type who goes to bed earlier and gets up to see the sun rise. That weekend guest is a night owl who stays up late and sleeps in. That can make things awkward when you’re trying to sleep and the guest is watching television and maybe microwaving some popcorn. Things don’t get any better in the morning when your guest is trying to sleep while you make breakfast.

The nice thing about a guest suite in the basement is that it’s removed enough from the rest of the house for everyone to be comfortable. Your guest can stay up as late as desired while everyone else sleeps comfortably. When morning comes, you can go about your normal routine while your guest is sleeping soundly. That’s sure to improve everyone’s dispositions.

There’s No Line for the Bathroom in the Morning

More people in the home means more people waiting for turns to take showers and take care of other elements of their morning constitutionals. Depending on how many guests are there, it can be a long wait.

If you contract with a Newmarket basement company to include a private bathroom in the guest suite, there will be no additional waiting. You and other family members can make use of the upstairs bathrooms while your guests can enjoy hot showers and other amenities in their own bathroom. That’s sure to please everyone.

The Perfect Retreat for Some Peace and Quiet

While the purpose of the visit is to spend time together, everyone likes the idea of grabbing a nap or having some quiet time to themselves. You have the option of going to your bedroom. If the guest is camped out on the den sofa, there’s not a lot of privacy.

Thanks to the guest suite in the basement, it’s easy for the guest to slip away for an hour or so and enjoy resting up before dinner or getting in a little reading. You can enjoy peace and quiet upstairs while your guest is doing the same in the basement.

Take a good look at your basement. Can you envision using the space as a guest bedroom? Do you have some ideas about lighting, furniture placement, and where to locate the bathroom? If so, talk with a contractor today. The space can be transformed with less effort than you think.

Image by Addi Gibson from Pixabay 

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