4 Reasons Why a Gutter System Impacts the Value of Your Property

Whether you’re selling your house or buying a new one, you’ll want to get the best deal possible. That means finding a reliable contractor who knows what he’s doing. You also want someone who’s experienced, because if something goes wrong during construction, you could end up paying for repairs months later. And finally, you want an installer who’s licensed and insured.

That said, here are four reasons why gutters can boost the value of your home.

Gutters Can Increase the Value of Your Home

1. Add Curb Appeal

Curb-appealing has a dramatic effect on the value of a house. It’s a first impression that hits prospective homeowners from the minute they arrive at the address of the house behind the “for sale” sign. A great deal of emphasis is put on interior staging when trying to draw highly qualified prospects (buyer prospects), with little work beyond a manicured lawn, and trim hedging to accentuate the outside. We can safely say we should pay equal if not more consideration to outside staging. By doing so, we will improve curb-appealing and boost the value of our property.

We can follow up that statement by telling you that by installing a new gutter system before putting your house on the open marketplace (or launching a re-marketing plan) you will instantly make a noticeable improvement to that appearance. Select a gutter system that best fits the design of the house. For instance, copper gutters look amazing on historic or historical-styling houses while black on black aluminum or zinc gray look amazing on modern properties.

2. Protects the Home’s Exterior

When you install a sound new gutter system you immediately add an incomparable layer of protection to the exterior of your home. New gutters will properly direct rainwater away from the sides of your home, preventing exterior paint from peeling and mold/mildew and rust from forming on the outside.  When integrated with a strong and adequately targeted downspout your home’s landscaping (at the base surrounding the house) is effectively protected as well. A well-protected home exterior adds value to the entire property.

Also, products like ice dams are especially important if you live in the north where there’s a lot of snowfall and freezing temperatures.

3. Protects the Home’s Interior

Rain water is one of the biggest threats to any house. Water damage inside a house can cause serious problems. Gutter systems help prevent water damage by keeping rain out of the house. A properly installed gutter system should keep water off the roof and downspouts.

4. Public Perception is Key

A gutter system can make a big difference to the appearance of your house. In addition to improving the aesthetic appeal of your exterior, a quality gutter system also helps prevent water damage to your roof and walls. Gutter systems come in various styles and materials, so it pays to shop around before choosing one. You should consider how much space you have between your roof and wall surfaces, what type of weather conditions you live in, and whether you plan to add any additional features such as dormers or skylights.

You may be wondering whether you should put your home up for sale, now that the market is expected to cool down. Or, maybe you’re just thinking ahead, planning for a time when you might want to move into another house. Or maybe you’re already looking at houses for sale. Whatever the case, we can help you get started!

Photo by Pawel Czerwinski on Unsplash

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