4 Rock Albums You Should Definitely Pay Attention To in 2022

In recent years, rock‘ n’ roll music has been referred to as ‘’dead’’ many times since even some rock stars say that we no longer have a strong rock music industry. On the other hand, some other musicians from the rock world say the opposite thing: many new and older bands release excellent new studio albums.

And it seems like both sides are correct in a way since it’s true that, unfortunately, mainstream music has not consisted of a lot of rock music for a long time now, but it’s also true that the new ‘’underground’’ or older bands still create some fantastic songs.

That is why you still have the chance to go to some fantastic live rock concerts, and since spring is right around the corner, now is the perfect time to buy tickets on sale legit and have a lot of fun with your beloved friends.

And before you do that, let’s see which are the four rock albums you should most certainly pay attention to in 2022.

Eddie Vedder – Earthling

The legendary singer of Pearl Jam, Eddie Vedder, is finally prepared for his new solo music journey. This solo studio album is his third one, titled Earthling, and it was released by Republic Records and Seattle Surf on February 11th this year.

This Eddie Vedder project will be performed with a band called The Earthlings, which also has the great former member of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Josh Klinghoffer, the drummer of RHCP, Chad Smith, and the guitarist and also producer, Andrew Watt.

The best thing about this new studio album is that you will get the voice and style of the amazing Eddie Vedder, but it’s still something different from what he is creating with the legendary grunge band Pearl Jam. This album has 13 songs, Eddie wrote the lyrics, and he made the music together with the other members of the band. It already has good reviews, and it’s an album by Vedder and some fantastic musicians, so you can’t go wrong with such great performers.

Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators – 4

Slash is finally back with a solo project together with Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators, and even though the band stays the same, there is a new record label since now they released the album titled 4 also on February 11th this year as a debut release from Gibson Records.

Slash and his fellow performers are already on tour promoting their new studio album, and you better buy tickets fast since you don’t want to miss their live shows filled with an electrifying rock atmosphere.

The new album has ten songs, and all are written by Slash and Myles Kennedy, which proves that Slash and Myles most certainly became a perfect duo for rock music-making. The style is, of course, similar, and the album already peaked at number one on the UK Rock & Metal Albums chart.

Scorpions – Rock Believer

On February 25th, 2022, the legendary Scorpions released their 19th studio album titled Rock Believer, which shows that if such iconic musicians believe in rock music, there will always be hope for new bands.

Of course, it’s a mix of hard rock and heavy metal released by Vertigo, and it initially features 11 eleven songs, but there is a deluxe edition with sixteen songs and a Japanese edition with bonus tracks.

In fact, the Scorpions made the smart move of using the pandemic isolation time to their advantage to create new songs in their hometown, Hanover, in Germany. Also, this new album features Mikkey Dee, the former Motorhead drummer, which adds some unique ‘’flavor’’ to their music style.

Mitski – Laurel Hell

Dead Oceans released the sixth studio album by Mitski on February 4th this year, which is an album with an impressive music genre mix of electro-rock, indie pop, and synth. She has been popular among American audiences, but now it’s evident that the popularity of Mitski has become even more prominent as she became famous all over the globe.

The title of Mitski’s new studio album is Laurel Hell, which according to her, is a folk term about being trapped in thickets of laurel that actually grow in the Appalachian Mountains in the south.

The album has eleven songs, but there are also some rough trade exclusive bonus tracks.

Laurel Hell already has some great reviews by both the music critics and the fans, with peaking at number one on Billboard’s US Top Rock Albums and Top Alternative Albums. The best news for you is that Mitski is on tour now, so there is your chance to listen to her live as soon as possible.

Therefore, please don’t waste any more time and start buying some tickets to see how these musicians will perform their new material at live concerts since there isn’t a better occasion to do so while enjoying a beautiful atmosphere with large audiences.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

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