4 Series About Unusual Marriages

Meeting your destiny and developing a relationship to the point where you are both ready for marriage is no easy matter. Not when the partners are, to put it mildly, people with oddities. The characters in today’s selection are just such entertaining characters who surprisingly manage to maintain a stable marital relationship.

Time Traveler’s Wife

There are plenty of stories in which wives care for their sick husbands and stay true to their vows at the altar, but this one differs from them in many ways. In the story, which is based on Audrey Niffenegger’s novel of the same name, librarian Henry Detumble suffers from a rare genetic disease that causes the hero to travel through time. Constantly hovering between the past and the future, Henry, however, manages to build a romantic relationship, and later a fairly strong marriage to Claire Abshire. However, it isn’t without complications with such introductions, of course.

“Time Traveler’s Wife” combines sci-fi and drama as successfully as Hellspin combines huge bonuses and high-quality games: against the backdrop of amazing movements in space and time develops a story of deep affection, mutual understanding and unconscious love, capable of transforming two separate people into a single unit. But we must admit that waiting for the return of a loved one from the depths of time without much hope for a date soon – the choice of the desperate and the brave.


Nothing unites like having a common secret. That’s how the relationship between the characters in the detective series is strengthened in many ways by the terrible secret that the spouses keep together. A perfectly nice-looking pair of peaceful Brits, played by Olivia Colman and David Thewlis, seem to be cold-blooded murderers. Oh, well, they’re not bad gardeners either.

A masterpiece of landscaping in their backyard hides something awful – under the flowering beds rest two corpses buried here about ten years ago. When the police discover this gruesome discovery, the Edwards family, who are the principal suspects in the excavation, become the prime suspects.

Big Love

An unconventional view of marriage is demonstrated by the characters in the series “Big Love.” All of them are Mormons, for whom it’s absolutely normal not to limit their love-making nature by interaction with only one partner. The creators tried to explore polygamy in the United States, avoiding condemnation and moralizing, and they succeeded quite well.

Multifaceted and profound analysis of polygamous marriage with all its difficulties and joys, pros and cons, with jealousy, passion, variety and conflicts poured into an exciting dramatic TV-saga for 5 whole seasons.

The Americans

The heroes of this series don’t have to doubt the sincerity of their spouse’s feelings. They know for a fact that their partner doesn’t truly love them. The fake marriage of Elizabeth and Phillip is just a legend that helps two undercover Soviet spies blend into ’80s American society.

Not even their own children know about the past of the KGB agents, who were once called Nadya and Misha, and the fake Americans portray love so skillfully that they themselves believe in their own deep attachment. However, you can not relax and forget about the mission – next door to the pair lives an FBI agent, which means that it’s only worth a moment to stumble, giving in to emotions, and years of cover-up is over.

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

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