4 Tips for Surviving Your Job as a Part-Time Truck Driver

Are you looking for a new way to earn some income? Becoming a part-time truck driver is a lucrative job that has recently attracted a lot of individuals.

According to a survey by TruckDriversSalary, full-time owner-operators make an average of $220,591. If you have another job or don’t want to commit to driving full time, you can still make a decent paycheck working part-time.

The financial aspect of truck driving isn’t its only attractive quality. Have you had an itch to see the Florida Keys, Joshua Tree National Park, or any other beautiful American landscapes? Not many jobs that let you gaze at mesmerizing scenery all day long.

As a truck driver, you can also become a part of a community and gain excellent job security.

While working for a trucking company can be stressful, becoming an owner-operator is very enticing. You can establish your own hours and decide which shipments and routes to accept.

Here, we will provide you with four tips on how to establish yourself and survive as a part-time truck driver.

1- Don’t Rely on Car-Based GPS Systems

One of the biggest mistakes that rookie drivers make is relying on car-based GPS systems. These systems are not trucker-friendly, as they don’t plan routes efficiently.

You may find yourself needing to turn around in a tight subdivision or go through areas with low clearance—trust navigation systems made by and for truckers.

2- Set Yourself Up with Entertainment

As beautiful as the scenery you’ll see on the road is, staring out the window can become tiresome. To help the time pass quicker, set yourself up with entertainment.

Invest in some equipment from Moonraker like long-reaching antennas and mounts so you can have access to all of your favorite radio stations.

If you want to have more control over what you listen to, download songs or podcasts on Spotify or another media streaming app.

With all of your newfound free time in your vehicle, you also can connect your phone to Bluetooth and call up family members or friends to catch up on those long drives.

3- Take Care of Yourself

Becoming a trucker is undoubtedly a lifestyle adjustment. You’ll spend most of your day sitting down, so you need to find time to eat healthily, exercise, sleep, and maintain a social life. Taking proper care of yourself will make every journey more comfortable to get through.

While accidents are much more likely during your first year due to a lack of experience, even veteran truckers can get into accidents, primarily due to fatigue.

An accident can put your physical well-being at risk. As a result of an accident, you may experience hefty expenses due to your damaged vehicle and cargo. Plus, your driving record may take a hit, and your confidence, too.

Taking care of yourself means making sure you are alert and ready for the road. You want to get enough rest and do everything in your power to avoid accidents as you start driving.

Even after you’ve been working as a driver for a while, don’t become too comfortable. Always remain alert and attend to your body’s needs.

4- Prioritize Communication

Part of the fun of being a truck driver is immersing yourself in the trucking community. Connect with other truckers to find the best routes and share your experiences.

You also want to maintain consistent and professional communication with your shipping destinations and repair team. You never know when an issue may arise.

The Takeaway

Being a part-time trucker is a rewarding job, but you may experience some bumps along the way. Use these tips to make the most of your experience in this new position!

Photo by Revolver Creative Company on Unsplash

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