4 Tips from Nature on Developing a Loving Relationship

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The old cliche goes, “there are many fish in the sea”—when you find your fish (or in this case, vegetable) and you’re sure that they’re the “one”—you’d better stick to your guns!

Be sure not to drop an eggplant in the ocean!
Be sure not to drop an eggplant in the ocean!


Be sure to participate in activities that you might not like so much but your mate enjoys. You’ll be more likely to have your partner join you in activities that they don’t necessarily think is fun.

UNDERDONE: Dancing Greebes
That would take a lot of lessons.


Once you’re settled together and the years go by, remember to appreciate the little things your partner DOES do.

UNDERDONE: House Wren House
Maybe he should fly around the block a couple times.


Most couples eventually have kids. Please remember that what works for some families doesn’t work for everybody.

UNDERDONE: Greblings vs Ducklings
Don’t compare parenting philosophies.


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