4 Ways you can make a profit with the Clubhouse app

Clubhouse, a one-year-old most sizzling social audio new application of 2021 reportedly valued at $1billion before it had a business plan, There are many ways to build your brand through the platform. The clubhouse is a lot more one-on-one hustle and public speaking makes it a bit different from other apps.

This app is best in a way, the app offers rooms for discussion for two or more speakers for their branding that can be joined by listeners without any disturbance. To seek permission to come in the listeners (those in attendance)  have the option to raise in hand and to allow the listeners to come in, this right is reserved by the moderators.

Why is the Clubhouse app trending?

The clubhouse is different from many other apps because it allows users to develop closer relationships and connections with other users. Here is being audio-only in the discussion room, it’s a new and effective concept.

Last year in March with an estimated 1500 beta users. The clubhouse audio social app was launched. Today this figure has crossed to about 2 million. In geographics, its finest details; where the internet is monitored to it, clubhouse membership were being black marketed.

Here are some reasons behind the massive popularity of the clubhouse app can be:-

An audio-based social mode of interaction, it is like a revolutionary new idea,

A high star-studded user base like Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, MC Hammer, Ashton Kutcher, etc.

It’s an invitation mode of entry inside the application.

Clubhouse iOS App store page declares that an Android version is under development, people would wait for a long period due to the fear of missing out on a topical important discussion room with high opportunities.

Cost to Build an App Like Clubhouse

We all know that the cost to build an app like Clubhouse depends on many factors. It is very difficult and near to impossible to provide you with a detailed descriptive estimate without a deep understanding of your project expectations, requirements, and plans.

Also, app costs depend on the country of your app development team. Is it cheaper to outsource development to one of the popular destinations?

In some countries, for example, In Ukraine approximate price for app development service would be following

Prototype Development- $20,000+

MVP Development- $50,000+

Full featured product development – $150,000+

Here is a rough estimate idea for the cost to build an app like a clubhouse. It can vary from country to country and its development team.

How to make money on the clubhouse app and Grow your business Brand,

1. Sponsorship:- It is common in new digital and online worlds, and clubhouse is no expectation.  To build brand recognition, organizations are always looking for new and trendy platforms like it. If you have enough following on a large basis, you could effectively get a company to sponsor a specific room you host. You could promote a company’s service or product in exchange for financial compensation. Similar to companies will have to pay for their product or service mentions on radio stations,

Based on your following size, the niche you are offering and how much time you taking to their promotions, you could charge on these bases.

2. Ask me Anything (AMA):- In case you are a specialist in a specific field, you could create a room and charge individuals for counseling them on their business and life. It seems like a form of an online crash course. This application doesn’t support send and receiving facilities, but a few arbitrators have acknowledged payments through the cash app.

3. Tips:- Content creators apps like TIK TOK and YouTube once they meet eligibility criteria, they reward content creators financially. In the clubhouse, the content creator could still accept tips, although the content on it would be of a different format. Some users for collaboration during the pandemic, some are accepting payments in digital wallets as we discussed above while others are doing it for free. In an app-tipping system, this could either happen, which is yet to be introduced, or through a third-party vendor such as PayPal.

4. Networking:- These are numbers of specialists on clubhouse application including entrepreneurs, multimillionaire, CEOs VIPs, and tech goliaths who can help to give to an idea of the cost to build an app like clubhouse and how to popular app like a clubhouse that you could approach through the rooms they made.

Many of them have other web-based media accounts- Ordinality, Twitter, and Instagram. Some of them welcome their clients to interface with them, send them a direct message (DMs) for tips and guidance or conceivable open positions.


The above are amongst the main methods to make a profit with the clubhouse app. This app can help you provide services to millions of people and can help you increase your income. The networking idea is more interesting for me, as it feels very revolutionary and exciting to be able to create an opportunity hub for events for entrepreneurs. We hope this post will be helpful on how to make a profit on the clubhouse and grow business.

Photo by Dmitry Mashkin on Unsplash

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