5 Best Books Written by Paulo Coelho

Playing at Evolution Gaming bingo sites is a fun and exciting way to pass the time and potentially win prizes in the process. Apart from reading memorable novels, it is a favourite leisure activity of people around the world. And if you prefer a good book, how about reading something from Paulo Coelho?

The Brazilian author is the best example that authors with an exciting life write memorable novels. Coelho had religious parents who even entered him into a psychiatric hospital. He decided to straighten up and stop rebelling. The writer even joined a law school but didn’t last long.

After dropping out, Coelho started travelling through Europe and South America. He mentions that visiting Santiago de Compostela is where he had an epiphany to continue pursuing the dream of becoming an author.

Today, Coelho is the author of over 30 novels, and many of them are bestsellers. These are five books of the Brazilian writer that you have to read!

Veronika Decides to Die

You won’t find many books with such a revealing title like this one. The very first chapter describes Veronica, a girl who doesn’t seem to have significant problems in life. As readers, we don’t get an explanation of why she took a full pack of sleeping pills.

Veronica is somehow saved, but she ends up in a mental institution. Due to the pill damage she suffered, the girl now has several days to live. The book analyses those days and the time Veronica spends in the institution.

While it challenges the sanity concept, the novel also discusses different joys of life, and how people can find inspiration to live and feel alive.

The Alchemist

It is arguably the most famous novel written by Paulo Coelho. The book speaks about Personal Legends and the idea that everyone has a destiny they should follow and fulfil. It is only by discovering our Personal Legend that we can live to the fullest and achieve chemistry with the environment.

Alchemy is a science that allows you to turn something into gold. However, The Alchemist talks about a different kind of alchemy – the spiritual one required to achieve your Personal Legend.

We follow Santiago, a simple shepherd from Spain. He goes on a long travel to Egypt, and the book describes his efforts to find his Personal Legend (destiny, purpose, whatever you like to call it).

The Spy

The Spy is a fairly new novel, and it focuses on a unique woman called Mata Hari. She was allegedly a spy during World War I, and we follow her story.

Mata Hari decided to move to Paris to earn money. She also wants to become famous, which is why they blamed her for spying. The novel is intriguing and exciting, and it centres around a strong female character. It also admires Mata Hari’s strength, and her desire and capability to defy social standards.

The Witch of Portobello

A woman named Athena is dead, and we discover that at the beginning of the Witch of Portobello. The book answers questions about her life and what led to her death. We find out that a gipsy mother abandoned her. Lebanese parents adopted Athena and named her Sherine. The girl changed her name after overhearing them that she won’t live up to her current name.

Athena goes to London and gives birth to a child, but the discovery that she was abandoned changes everything. The novel was a bestseller in 2006, and it talks about searching for truth, self-fulfilment, and other exciting topics.

The Winner Stands Alone

Coelho published this fantastic novel in 2008, and it quickly found its way to readers throughout the world. The story begins at the famous Cannes Film Festival, which gathers people that have success and wealth as their main objectives in life.

We follow a Russian mogul, his former wife, an up-and-coming model, actress, criminal detective, and fashion magnate. The entire novel fits into a 24-hour timeframe, which makes it even more exciting.

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