5 Black Panther Nemeses We Want to See Face T’Challa in Marvel Sequel

Little is known about the Black Panther sequel other than its planned release date of May 6, 2022, with Chadwick Boseman also nailed on to reprise his role as the king of Wakanda.

There are big shoes to fill after Michael B. Jordan earned such praise for his depiction of Erik Killmonger in the series’ debut entry, with another big bad required for the villain role this time around.

T’Challa dispatched one of, if not his biggest arch-enemy in the first film, but there are a number of possibilities American Gambler, US online gambling guide, would like to see take their place in his sights for Black Panther 2.

5. White Wolf

Perhaps the least likely to be picked as Black Panther’s main adversary in light of the recent Black Lives Matter protests, White Wolf is a foe that may only increase racial tensions when it’s not really necessary.
T’Challa’s adopted brother is a (predictably) white challenger to the throne who was taken under the kingdom’s wing when his parents’ plane crashed over Wakanda.

Not only is the name and premise of his story in conflict with recent cultural events, but his origins overlap a lot with those of Killmonger, meaning it could appear repetitive to go over the whole “undeserved crown” theme again.

4. Sons of the Serpent

The Sons of the Serpent are a villainous group of “super-patriots” (a fancy term for supremacists or ‘racists’) who could address current racial discourse in a more tasteful manner than someone with ‘white’ in their actual name.

This particular group was created by Stan Lee in 1966 and have frequently appeared across titles for more than half a century, with Black Panther often popping up to smack their privilege back down.

3. T’Channa (Earth-2301)

The concept of the Marvel multiverse was introduced via manipulation of Pym Particles in “Avengers: Endgame,” opening up the possibility of villains arising from alternate Earths.

One such character who could have an impact in Black Panther 2 is T’Channa, the sister of T’Challa from Earth-2301, who took over Doctor Doom’s kingdom of Latveria in her own reality and even killing Steve Rogers (Captain America), who was President of the United States in that timeline.

British actress Letitia Wright has received plaudits for her portrayal of Shuri, T’Challa’s sister in the MCU, and it could present a dramatic twist to have the same actress turn villain playing a threat from another world.

2. Doctor Doom

Speaking of Doctor Doom, the ruler of fictional Latveria has on many occasions come to blows with his Wakandan counterpart in a head-to-head of rulers elected via quite opposite means. While Victor von Doom attempts to boost his country’s status through magical means, T’Challa has helped Wakanda excel its technological might to ensure its prosperity.

Disney’s acquisition of Fox—and with it characters from titles such as the Fantastic Four and X-Men—means it’s now feasible that Doom and other previously out-of-bounds stars are now on the table.

1. Namor the Submariner

And finally, from one egotistical king to another, Namor the Submariner stands out as the most exciting nemesis for Black Panther to take on in a matchup that could see T’Challa meet his match.

There was a time in the first film where Boseman’s character appeared beaten by Killmonger, so there’s little telling what the ruler of Atlantis might do should he come into conflict with Wakanda.

Hints were made in “Avengers: Endgame” regarding aquatic disturbances off the coast of Africa and “whales in the Hudson River,” two references that could be a hint Namor is en route after previously being one of those characters tied up in the dispute over rights.

“Marvel’s First Mutant” would be a terrific and powerful anti-hero character to bring to life on the screen, not to mention he’s got long-term potential as a hero or villain given his history across many titles.

Photo by Paul Garaizar on Unsplash

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