5 Eco-Friendly Ways Businesses Can Step Up Their Advertising Game

Where there are businesses, there is a need for advertising. However, modern times call for eco-friendly and environmentally conscious approaches to marketing. Customers are demanding that the businesses they frequent are going green, and you might have to adapt your behavior to keep your regulars happy.

If you’re ready to meet the demand for eco-friendly marketing strategies, you’re going to have to make a few changes other than using less paper. Here, we’ll go through some simple ways that companies are becoming more eco-conscious with their advertising campaigns. Hopefully, you’ll find some inspiration. 

Purchasing Eco-Friendly LED Lights
For well-established companies, there are most likely a variety of billboards, signs, and other advertising posters inside your store. Instead of replacing every item with new versions, simply change the light backing.

According to the lighting pros at glls.com, you should invest in eco-friendly LED Lights. You can continue using signage to attract customers without compromising the environment.
Printing Ads on Recycled Paper
If you are considering putting up posters around town, or sending printouts to customers in the mail, consider printing your marketing materials on recycled paper. Recycled paper has the same properties as it’s non-recycled counterpart and will serve the same function. It’s a simple fix that does a lot for the earth.
Plus, when you’re running your ad campaign, you can highlight the fact that you’ve used recycled paper. Companies have generally had success utilizing recycled material for ads and garnering new customers that prefer eco-friendly businesses. 
Investing in Online Advertising Campaigns
The world is becoming more digital every day. Companies have had to adapt to new generations who spend more time online and engage more with digital advertisements.

The move to digital goes hand-in-hand with the eco-friendly movement. The more digital ads you run, the less paper you need to waste. 
Check with the businesses in your field: what kinds of online campaigns are they running? How can you differentiate yourself from them?

Think about whether you can bring several types of media into your ad campaigns to make your company stand out. 
Partnering with Other Local Businesses
Shopping local is becoming more popular among consumers, as most people are eager to support their community.

If you want to run successful campaigns that are conscious of the environment, consult with other businesses on your block. Strategize how you can help each other by pooling resources and moving towards greener operations.
You can do product partnerships, cameo advertising campaigns, and a variety of other local strategies to spread the word about your products. 
Running Full Transparency Campaigns
Customers love when their favorite companies are honest with them. People trust those who tell them the truth without sugar-coating it or deflecting to another subject.

Being honest about your company’s eco-friendly initiatives will draw more loyal customers to you. Create a plan for how you’ll make your company greener and share it with the public! Give your customers an opportunity to ask questions about your new policies, and even encourage them to get involved. Perhaps they have an eco-friendly idea you didn’t think of.
Share your honest transition to eco-friendly solutions with your customers, and they’ll repay you with support and preference over other businesses.

You Can Be Eco-Friendly and Still Create Killer Ad Campaigns
As a business owner, you don’t have to sacrifice amazing ad campaigns to be conscious of the environment. Hopefully, these five ideas inspired you to craft eco-friendly marketing strategies.

You should do more research if you’re still waiting for an idea to hit. In the meantime, ask you customers what they think.

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