5 Genius Ways to Showcase Art at Your Home

Having art on display is a crucial part of home decor. Not only does it enlivens the place, but it also fills in dull, blank spaces. If you are thinking of adding, or creating a new, artistic look to your home, then you need to brainstorm on ideas. There are a lot of ideas out there, and you need to find which one suits your personality and your home decor. Positioning, framing, and display of art pieces can do wonders.

Displaying art is a very personal process. It is an expression of you and your perception. That’s why decorating your house is one of the last things you do, and it’s something that changes as time goes by. It is all very overwhelming. Here are five genius ways to display art in your home, that will take it to the next level.

Create a Gallery Wall

Creating a gallery wall is perfect if you want to fill up empty walls. You can oomph up your decor by hanging a collection of frames and art together on a wall to give a gallery effect. You could display a group by the same artist or have a mix. There are no boundaries here. To add to the contemporary factor, you can go easy on following a grid. Combining different sizes and shapes will give a bohemian, asymmetrical atmosphere to your house.

Go Big, Go Bold

Select an artwork that you can stretch out to life-size, or bigger if you want. If you already have it that, superb! To some large hanging frames can be a little apprehensive. You think that it may dull down the aesthetics of your room to that one big frame. Or some may even think to have large structures can be over the top. Well, look at it this way. Having a big frame or big frames will make your house look more prominent. It will be easier to cover empty spaces. If done correctly, big frames will give an opulent look to your home decor. That’s bold, modern, and eye-catching.

If you have art pieces that you wish were bigger to apply this trick at your home, you can get it done professionally. Canvaspop creates hand-stretched canvas photos as per your requirements. They skillfully print museum-quality portraits, using top-grade printing technology.

Pair It Up

If you want to create a harmonious and structured display of art, you can arrange them in pairs. It is a beautiful way to have simple yet elegant decor. Pairing can be done with any art style, whether it is pop arts, abstracts, portraits, landscapes, etc.

You can also couple up work from the same artist or artists that share complimenting artwork. As a suggestion, for you to set up the same kind of frame, of the same size. Pairing art will give an even tone and symmetrical grid to the outlook.

Drop the Drill Machine

If you want to avoid drilling holes, and damaging your wallpaper, then you go ahead and do just that! There is a whole other level of aesthetic and artistry behind not hanging artwork on nails and hooks. You can get art in a frame that supports it to stay upright.

This way, you can display your art collection by placing them on shelves, mantels, racks, side tables, or any surface for that matter. Not having a wall filled with fixtures gives a sober, easy-going, and relaxed aura. Having a no drilling approach can make rearranging uncomplicated. If you are wondering what to do about larger frames? Then display it by staging it on the floor.

Make a Statement

You can make a statement, meaning, have a single frame hanging on a wall. As you know that a picture speaks a tale, a single frame of artwork can distinguish your decor and still bring life to bare walls. You can frame artwork that complements and contrasts the background. The size could be as small or as big as you like.

Art is a display of one’s personality. It is perceived differently by every individual. Displaying your art collection is not just about the decor, but it’s about decor where you see yourself reflected. You can be as creative or as traditional in showcasing canvases, and the result will always be stunning.

Photo by: unsplash-logoNeONBRAND

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