5 Natural Ways to Relieve Pain and Create a Better Life for Yourself

We live in a society that’s made us believe that whatever we’re dealing with in terms of health issues, we just need to throw a bunch of pills at and it goes away. While pills do have this effect of covering up unpleasant symptoms in the body, such as pain, they do not treat the actual source of the condition, while also interfering with normal functioning in other parts of the body, such as the stomach or the liver.

So what healthy and natural alternatives are there when it comes to dealing with pain? Our bodies have this amazing innate ability to self-heal and our planet is created in full harmony with our needs, offering us a myriad of natural remedies to choose from in order to treat painful conditions. So let’s look at what five natural ways to relieve pain are:

1. Put Your Blood Into Motion

Exercising is the single most important and accessible natural remedy you have at your disposal against pain. The option to move and exercise is just at the tip of your fingers, since you can do this from the comfort of your home or just around it.

It doesn’t need to be heavy lifting or sprinting, you will just need to put your blood into motion, which in turn will cause your body to release endorphins that relieve pain. Additionally, your muscles will get stronger, which means they will take a load off your joints that may otherwise be aching.

2. Meditate and Rewire Your Brain

Meditation, in its many forms, has been proven to be an excellent tool that can help you self-center, relax and better flow with your life. You can either meditate by yourself, with relaxing natural sound or in complete silence, or you can just as well choose guided meditation that will gently suggest the direction for your thoughts.

A study was conducted in 2011 and it induced pain in 15 volunteers, after which it scanned their brains both while meditating and while free from the meditation sessions. The results were staggering: there was a 40% decrease in pain intensity in meditating patients.

3. Introduce Yourself to CBD Products

What many people still don’t know is that CBD or cannabidiol is one of the cannabinoids found in the cannabis or marijuana plant and that it is not psychoactive. CBD has a long-standing history of easing symptoms of chronic pain and anxiety and since it’s not psychoactive, it immediately becomes a powerful and attractive natural remedy to many. CBD may be extremely helpful with arthritis symptoms, muscle spasms, nerve damage and general inflammation in the body. When purchasing CBD products, make sure you only use certified websites, such as OrganicCBDNugs, to ensure you only get premium and organic plants.

4. Get More Fiber Into Your Diet

As far-fetched as it may sound, your gut plays an important part in your overall well-being and may be responsible for the inflammation levels in your body. Chronic inflammation is the primary cause for pain in the human body, regardless of where it’s situated.

One way to prevent dysbiosis from happening – the imbalance of microbes in the digestive system – is to increase the intake of fiber in your diet. A regular intake of fiber leads to producing more short-chain fatty acids, which in turn fosters a healthy microbe environment in the digestive tract.

5. Try Turmeric For a Change

It’s been shown that turmeric root has considerable anti-inflammatory properties and the best part about it is that it’s pretty versatile – you can use it in your tea, in a smoothie or sauce. However the active ingredient in turmeric is actually curcumin and it only makes about 3% of it.

This is why many people choose to enrich their diets with curcumin supplements. Having said this, it’s recommended that before you buy yours as well, you consult with your physician to make sure it doesn’t interfere with other treatment plans.

At the end of the day, it’s important to remember there are many natural ways to treat pain and the five ways mentioned above are only stepping stones to building a better life for yourself.

Photo by Zen Bear Yoga on Unsplash

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