5 Reasons to Earn VMware Certification with Exam-labs in 2019 and Beyond

The value of any technology is harnessed through earning a professional IT certification. VMware provides you with a conducive environment to help you in integrating and managing technologies required to drive desired business results. This company does this by offering you an opportunity to earn a certificate. This is possible through training and passing your certification exams. The VMware credentials cover varied technology areas and levels. It spans across virtual technologies that include vSphere, vRealize Suite, VMware Horizon Suite, vSAN, and NSX. This kind of approach ensures that the training needs of all professionals are taken care of. Whether you’re just starting out or have been in the IT sphere for years, the VMware certification program offers enough choices and flexibility to follow your preferred path. Let’s check out the details of the VMware track and discuss why you need to earn your credential with Exam-labs.

VMware Certification Path

The VMware certifications cover the following six areas of technology:

• Network Virtualization
• Data Center Virtualization
• Desktop and Mobility
• Cloud Management and Automation
• Digital Business Transformation
• Digital Workspace

Besides the technology areas, the VMware certification track also comes with four levels. They include Associate, Professional, Advanced Professional, and Design Expert. Here are these levels with their popular certifications in detail:

1. VMware Certified Associate (VCA)

This is an entry-level qualification for the new technology professionals that include administrators and architects. It also targets the executives who make decisions on VMware solutions. The VCA – Digital Business Transformation credential is the only available associate-level certification in the VMware track. This credential validates your virtualization concepts and skills and how you can apply them in driving business digital agenda. You have to take a recommended training from Exam-labs and pass the VCA-DBT (1V0-701) exam.

2. VMware Certified Professional (VCP)

The VCP certifications are designed for the administrators and engineers who perform technical tasks, such as installing, configuration, management, as well as optimization of VMware solutions. This level includes the VCP 6 – Data Center Virtualization and the VCP 6.5 – Data Center Virtualization credentials. Here are the required exams for these two certificates:

• The VCP 6 – DCV certification requires you to attend a training course, pass one foundation exam (either 2V0-620 or 2V0-602) and finally pass the 2V0-621 test.
• For the VCP 6.5 – DCV credential, you have to go through training, pass any of the Foundation exams, then pass the 2V0-622 test.
NOTE: The Foundation exams are set to retire in August 2019

3. VMware Certified Advanced Professional (VCAP)

This VMware certification level are for the architects, engineers, and administrators who carry out advanced functions, such as designing, building, deploying, managing, as well as optimization of VMware solutions. Some of the VCAP credentials include:
• The VCAP 6.5 – DCV certification 3V0-624 exam.
• The VCAP 6 – NV Deploy certificatewith the 3V0-643 exam.
• The VCAP 7 – CMA Design credential with the 3V0-732 exam.

4. VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX)

This is the top level VMware certification designed for the architects whose tasks include designing, building, as well as managing VMware based solutions and systems. To earn any of the credentials for this level, you have to earn a digital badge, develop and build a technical design, submit it for review, and defend it before a selected panel. Some of the certificates are:
• VCDX 6 – Data Center Virtualization
• VCDX 6 – Network Virtualization
• VCDX 7 – Cloud Management and Automation
• VCDX – Desktop and Mobility

Reasons to Earn a VMware Certification in 2019

If you want to have skills that stand out, then you must earn a VMware certification. Exam-labs explains to you why you need to earn any of these credentials.

1. Recognition for Your Skills

Gaining the VMware technical skills puts you ahead of those who have no such a skill set. You’ll be recognized by the employers and peers since virtualization skills are among the leading IT ones today.

2. Increased Opportunities for Career Advancement

There’s no better way to grow your IT career than by earning a certification. VMware provides you with the best way to grow and reach the peak of your career. You can begin from the associate level and move all the way to the design expert level without any hindrance.

3. Increased Employment Opportunities and Chances for Promotion

With skills obtained from pursuing a VMware credential, it becomes easier for the employers to hire you. Many organizations are looking for the technical experts who can be depended on to provide solutions for their enterprise IT needs. With a certification, you’ll demonstrate that you have what it takes to provide these solutions. You can work as a Cloud services specialist, virtual machine engineer, and solution engineer among other roles. It’s also possible for you to get a promotion once you earn your certificate.

4. Prestigious Digital Badge

VMware acknowledges your expert skills and accomplishments by awarding you with a digital badge. You can use this badge to showcase your skills, talents and contributions. This will be a plus for you when looking for a job or promotion as it improves your visibility and makes you stand out from the crowd.

5. Lifetime Certification

The latest announcement by VMware indicates that it’s no longer mandatory for you to renew your certification. However, to show your commitment and enjoy enhanced credibility in the marketplace, you’ll have an opportunity to upgrade or earn a higher credential. This will ensure that your skills stay current and relevant.

How to Earn a VMware Certification?

If you want to become an expert in providing virtualization solutions to enterprises, then you have to take that step of earning a VMware credential. This involves passing your exam and meeting all the requirements that are specific to your certification. Passing your test isn’t easy but is possible as long as you do your part. You have to apply various exam preparation strategies. These strategies include:

• Understanding all the objectives of your exam
• Put your revision materials in one place to avoid wasting time while looking for them if they’re scattered
• Begin your exam preparation early enough so that you won’t have to rush through your revision as this may lead to poor performance
• Using reliable revision materials and courses that include video lectures, valid VMware exam dumps from the Exam-labs website, and study guides
• Practice with VMware hands-on labs


If it’s about getting your dream IT job, getting recognition or a great salary, then earning a VMware certification is a great way to get there. You don’t have to have advanced IT skills to start your journey. VMware takes you all the way from the foundation to the expert level. These certificates are designed for those professionals who wish to remain relevant in the IT marketplace. Start your journey today by preparing and passing your exam. Take your time to prepare while using study resources that won’t let you down. By using recommended training courses, video lectures, practical labs, and Exam-labs questions and answers, passing your certification test would be guaranteed.

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