5 Reasons to Patronize Local Small-Scale Farmers

The number of small local farmers has been dwindling in recent years. However, they are still an essential part of our economy and community. Large corporations generally have little direct interaction with the communities they sell to; however, that is not the case for local farmers.

Keep reading to learn why you should get your produce from local farmers rather than the big chain grocery store.

1. More Information about Food Process

When buying food from a grocery store, it can be challenging to know where it came from, or how it got there. You also may not know what pesticides and chemicals the growers used on it.

If you buy directly from a local farmer, then you can ask them all these tough questions and receive direct answers. Some farmers even invite you to visit their farms or take virtual tours like the one found at sevensons.net.

Being informed about your food will help you to make smart choices about what you are putting in your body.

2. Healthier

Often, local farmers use far fewer pesticides and other harmful substances when growing their crops because they are operating on a much smaller scale.

Additionally, many small farmers allow their animals and plants to grow in healthier environments by not injecting them with hormones and overcrowding them.

3. Better for the Environment

Local farmers often employ more sustainable processes. Smaller farming enterprises are more likely to rotate crops appropriately and ensure that they are not depleting the nutrients in the soil. In additions, because they tend to use fewer pesticides, there is less contamination of the land and, in turn, the aquifers that may be present under the surface.

When you shop locally, the distributors use less fossil fuel in the transportation of their products. When you buy from the grocery store, the food may come from all over the world. This process requires tons of energy and resources to get it to your local store. Many farmers also forgo using plastic packaging, which helps to cut down on waste. If you bring your reusable bags with you to pick up the local produce, then you are greatly helping our beautiful planet.

4. Community Economic Benefits

Local farmers create more jobs in each community than big corporations do. The money from sales at a corporation will go back to its headquarters and may not end up supporting anyone from your neighbourhood.

When people go to their local farmer’s market, they are also more likely to spend money at other surrounding businesses helping the whole area flourish.

5. Farmer’s Markets are Fun

Have you ever been to a local farmer’s market? If not, you need to go check one out! They provide an excellent opportunity to spend time in your community. They also provide the opportunity to make strong connections with your neighbors while picking up some delicious food.

Sometimes these markets even come with live music. Get in on the fun and find a farmer’s market near you.


We all need to consider where we are getting our food from because, as the saying goes, you are what you eat. We don’t want to be full of chemicals and unnatural substances. Therefore, we need to make sure we are not consuming food that has been grown with these contaminants.

We all need to do our part to care for our planet and preserve it for future generations. Being conscious of our food purchases is one great way to cut down on waste and limit our fossil fuel consumption. See you at the farmer’s market!

Photo: unsplash-logoAdele Payman

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