5 Reasons Why Socks Are Great

We don’t talk much about socks. Maybe we consider it to be embarrassing or a taboo to talk about. But surely, socks are so much more important than you think. We should not only talk more about socks but come to know why they are so great to wear. They can honestly save you from so much trouble and hassle. Without socks you would have to be a victim to not only stinking feet but medical conditions like ringworms and athlete’s foot. In this article we’ve discussed 5 reasons to why socks are an amazing clothing item to have.

1. A Fashion Accessory

Did you know that socks are actually a piece of accessory that you can manipulate to match your outfit and make yourself stand out? Nowadays it’s a norm to actually wear clothes like skirts or high trousers to show off your socks. Socks come in varied patterns, designs and colors. Socks are also made of different materials like cotton, wool, cashmere and silk. Therefore, you have so many options to choose from to create your own personal look. If you wish to gift a pair to a loved one, try red socks for men or something pink and for a woman.

2. Protects Your Feet

Did you know there are 125,000 sweat glands at the bottom of each foot? This means that each foot can produce a lot of sweat. It is therefore essential to wear socks, especially socks of good material to absorb all this sweat, so your feet remain dry and healthy. Without socks, sweat makes the skin at the bottom of your feel soft and promotes the formation of blisters. Your feet become a playground for bacteria to multiply on, and if action is not taken soon then it can lead to health conditions like athlete’s foot and ringworms.

3. Keeps Your Feet Warm & Cool

What do you do when your feet get cold in the winters or during chilly weather? Wearing socks can keep your feet warm during such weather conditions. When your feet are exposed to extremely cold weather, the blood vessels in your feet constrict which limits blood to your feet and toes, thus causing numbness. We recommend you use socks made of wool to keep your feet warm. During the summer, socks help to keep your feet cool because they keep moisture at bay as the moisture evaporates into the air. The best materials to keep feet cool in the summer would be wool and bamboo.

4. Protects Your Shoes

Would you like to see your expensive shoes rot away? No, you wouldn’t! We all know how expensive shoes can be, but unless you wish to buy a new pair each month, try wearing a pair of socks for protection. Socks actually help to protect your shoes as much as they work to protect your feet. Socks also help to protect your feet from rubbing against the soles of your shoes. This can cause damage to the shoes. By not wearing socks, sweat can accumulate in your shoes which can lead to a foul odor. You eventually would need to discard your shoes and buy a new pair.

5. Cushions Your Feet

Socks are kind of like shock absorbers or cushions for your feet. When looking for a good pair of socks to wear, try searching for one that has a bit of cushioning to grant your feet some comfortability. Such socks also assist in protecting the feet’s skin, and it’s soft tissues. They also work to reduce stress from external impact or pressure. The amount of padding required on socks really depends on the activity you plan on carrying out. For instance, an athlete would need to wear socks with heavier padding than someone who plans to wear socks to a sedentary or office-based job.

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