5 Tips for Kratom Beginners

Kratom is growing in popularity as a great natural supplement. Its versatility makes it stand out — depending on the type of kratom, you can gain energy or calm your senses.

Made from the Mitragyna Speciosa tree leaves, kratom is typically in a powder form. If you’re interested in kratom, we’ve curated a list of tips for beginners with help from the leading kratom seller Kratora.

1.  Select the right vein

There are three types of kratom, red-, green-, and white-vein. The veins are determined by when the kratom leaves are harvested, with white being the youngest, green at a “maturing” stage, and red when it is fully mature. Alkaloids build in the leaves as the plant matures, and the alkaloid levels found in each leaf determine its properties.

  • White-vein kratom is the youngest leaf and the most potent. It has stimulating and uplifting properties, used by many to help energize themselves. Since this is the most potent form of kratom, beginners shouldn’t start with white-vein but should instead understand how they react to green- and red-vein kratom before trying white-vein.
  • Green-vein is kratom harvested in its maturing stage. It is more of a middle ground, offering calming yet energizing properties. Green-vein kratom is ideal for staying alert yet keeping a calm mind.
  • Red-vein kratom is harvested at its peak maturity, giving it relaxing and soothing properties. Most beginners find red-vein kratom to be a good entry point due to its mild effects.

2.  Select the right strain

Beyond each vein, there are different kratom strains that correspond to where they are grown. Each strain has its own unique aromas and effects, so it’s helpful to try different strains to discover what works best for your needs. Some strains include:

  • Thai Kratom from Thailand
  • Maeng Da Kratom, a potent variety of Thai Kratom
  • Indo Kratom from Indonesia
  • Sumatra Kratom from the rainforests of Sumatra in Indonesia
  • Borneo Kratom from Borneo

3.  Select the right product

Kratom begins in leaf form, but those leaves can be made into a few different products. You can select from a number of types of kratom for sale depending on your preferences:

  • Powder made from the ground dried leaves
  • Capsules containing kratom powder in a shell
  • Extract made from distilled powder
  • Tincture created from kratom extract mixed with a carrier liquid

4.  Select the right supplier

Finding the right kratom supplier is critical to having a quality experience. A few areas to consider when looking for a kratom supplier include:

  • Source quality: The best suppliers work directly with seasoned kratom farmers who have been growing kratom for generations. Only verified kratom vendors can tell you where they source their kratom and should be happy to share this information
  • Ethical practices: Beyond working with quality farmers, a good supplier will treat all individuals involved in growing, harvesting, and packaging their products ethically.
  • Lab-tested: As with any natural product, there is a chance bacteria, mold, or other contaminants could get into the product. Quality sellers have third-party lab testing to ensure their kratom is high-quality and free of contaminants.

5.  Select a quality beginner’s pack

One of the best ways to discover the right kratom for your needs is to purchase a variety pack. Kratora designed a Kratom Beginner Variety Pack specifically for new kratom users. The pack includes half an ounce of Green Maeng Da, White Borneo, and Red Bali kratom. Each strain and vein was explicitly selected for beginners to get a sense of the different types of kratom.

If you think kratom might be the wellness supplement you’ve been looking for, follow these tips to find a safe and reputable supplier so you can focus on finding the best strain for you.

Photo by Monica Escalera on Pexels

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