5 Ways to Analyze Your Instagram Marketing

If you want to get popular on Instagram or gain wider reach, then you must have researched enough to know that building a brand on Instagram and maintaining it is not a piece of cake. Be it gaining followers, building trust or increasing engagement, one has to be consistent in providing quality content to take their brand, page or product to the next level. Whether you are an influencer or a major product brand, the best way to keep track of your performance is by analysing how the posts are performing in real-time and Instagram Insights is a one-stop-shop for all such purposes. It lets you in on some valuable metrics that help you judge where you are lacking and find points you can improve on.

If you are still doubtful about how to use this tool or looking for other ways to monitor the growth of your page, then we have listed 5 ways that will help you get a better idea of the engagement on your posts, stories (and other links that you provide in your bio or in sponsored ads) and make better use of Instagram marketing in no time!

Assess follows from individual posts

Instagram allows you to check which post is increasing your follower count and by how much. Using this information, you can plan your content accordingly and post them not just for likes but to gain followers as well. To check the number of followers you receive on an individual post, you need to open the post then tap on View Insights where you will find an option called Discovery Section which contains the following metrics that will have the required data. 

If it shows a low number you don’t need to be alarmed as the main aim of this feature is to compare this figure to figure from other posts and get the best performing post out of the bunch. If you are looking for ways to gain more followers then this is one of the best ways to do so.

Check profile visits regularly

Profile visits is an important metric that is sometimes ignored by a lot of people. It’s a big deal when an Instagram user visits your profile! It means that someone liked your post and made an additional effort to check out your profile. After visiting your profile, the first thing that a user sees is your bio, then comes your website, and after that, your highlights followed by posts. 

So optimize these things accordingly and you might end up with increased traffic to your website as well as more followers on your Instagram account. You can check out your weekly profile visits easily by going to your Instagram profile and at the top you will see the magical number.

Keep a count of bio link clicks

Most businesses use Instagram as a way to attract people to their websites which makes adding your website link to your Instagram bio an absolute necessity. Instagram allows you to add a single URL only but if used properly, you can attract several users to your website and that too without spending a single penny. 

So it’s important to monitor these clicks to figure out when and how many profile visitors click on your bio link. To check your bio click, all you need to do is tap on the options button on your profile, choose Insights then tap on the Activity tab to find the websites click option. You can optimize your Instagram bio to attract more visitors to your website.

Track your hashtags

If you are looking for ways to give your brand a unique personality while gaining tons of followers then hashtags can be your best bet! Hashtags help you in creating impressions and getting more users to your profile without even seeing your post (but not every hashtag works the same). 

So you will need to track them and check which hashtags best suit your post. To view this data, you need to open a post, tap on View Insights then scroll down to the button to find the total number of impressions. This number is divided into 3 parts- From Home, From Hashtags and From Others. You can use this statistics to optimize your content and increase your profile’s traffic exponentially.

Monitor likes, comments, shares and saves

Likes, comments, shares and saves are some of the most important analytics when it comes to assessing the performance of your Instagram posts. They help in finding out what kind of content you should make, at what time you should post and what topics attract most of your user base which makes these numbers extremely important in every Instagram marketing analysis. 

To keep a check of your post’s likes, comments, shares and saves, go to that post then tap on View Insights and it will show you the necessary numbers. Now you can compare these numbers from different posts and get an idea of what kind of content drives more viewers to your profile.

Now that we have brought together a brief list which mentions all the easy and quick ways you can analyse how your Instagram marketing is performing, go ahead and use them to get popular on Instagram and make escalate your brand to greater heights!

Photo by Alexander Shatov on Unsplash

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