5 Ways to Grow Your Instagram Following & Reach Wider

Instagram is a well-known social media platform. What started as a photo and video sharing platform has become a cornerstone for brands’ social presence. Instagram allows an opportunity for businesses to grow and thrive with the help of organic traffic, online lead conversion & audience engagement. 

Our team of professional digital marketers has researched 5 effective ways that will organically grow your Instagram following & reach. If you want to maintain your Instagram presence to your expectations, these tricks are the way to go. You can still buy Instagram followers if you want quick engagement in a short time. Read the complete article to unlock the gateway to robust growth potential and presence on Instagram.  

Kickstart your journey today and get more Instagram followers, Clickthrough Rate (CTR), and a high level of engagement. 

Optimize your Instagram account

As simple as it may seem, the process is equally important. As soon as you optimize your Instagram account, engagement is likely to follow. Starting from your account bio and captions to username & profile image, create a strong brand identity with these elements. For best results, we recommend adding a link to your bio for driving more traffic. Keep in mind that your username lets people find you and it should remain as search-friendly as possible. The usual thumb rule is to use short and actual usernames and avoid numbers or special characters. An effective follow-up of these ways will increase your Instagram followers.

Keep a consistent content calendar

Content is the ‘king’ of the Digital World. Why not curate content that goes beyond the expectations of your audience? Well, you may understand this fact. But, consistency of posting is equally important. A regular or frequent posting schedule will suffice the need for digestible content. To maximize your reach, you can publish or post content a few times throughout the entire day. Posting your content at the right time will increase its visibility and engagement. However, you can research a bit and analyze your Instagram account engagement to find out the best time to post on Instagram. This will prevent you from wasting time and energy that can be employed on other productive tasks. What are you waiting for? Develop your content calendar and stick to your schedule for gaining more Instagram followers. 

Take advantage of advance post Scheduling 

Well, how many times have you strived to stay ahead of other people? Preferably, always. Here is your chance to stay one step ahead on Instagram. Scheduling allows your team to have a closer look at campaigns and schedules. Planning and developing content will enable you to maintain a consistent flow of posting. This will enable you to take advantage of the social media platform’s algorithm and get more traffic and engagement. This will follow a surge in the number of Instagram followers

Take the help of partners and brand advocates

Again, your audience plays a pivotal role in your success. Hence, you must know the value of your Instagram followers. The interest of your customers has a direct correlation with your follower count. A huge online presence not only develops a reputation but establishes a strong brand footing. Effective ways that serve this purpose include user-generated content and Instagram contests. Furthermore, such campaigns are ideal for building social proof. Fortunately, your hunt for more followers will not stop at this point. You can even engage in influencer marketing or co-marketing plans with other businesses in your niche or industry.  

Delve into the world of Hashtags 

We hope this section does not need any introduction. Since the beginning of their usage, hashtags have gained massive popularity. Getting new Instagram followers through hashtags is a proven method you can try for better engagement. You are already aware of the intensive competition on this platform. Hence, highlighting your photo or video amongst millions of others may seem an impossible feat to conquer. Hashtags prevent you from getting overshadowed by other popular accounts or users. The usual notion here is to go for branded, trending, and niche-specific keywords that are relevant to your brand. Ensure to take your target audience into account before deciding on hashtags. 


Social media is a tricky game with increasing difficulty levels at different stages. If you want to thwart various obstacles in your journey, take advantage of the above 5 tricks and stay ahead of the crowd. We have tried our best to uncover various secret hacks for Instagram, still, you are free to any additional strategies if required. Please take a moment to mention what tips worked best for you in the comments section. 

Photo by Georgia de Lotz on Unsplash

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