5 Ways to Hurricane Proof A Home

Are you scared that your home isn’t hurricane proof? There are many ways to make a property hurricane proof, and we talked about them below. Keep reading.

Metal Roof

Don’t have a metal roof? Swap the roof you have for a metal one. Metal roofs are great, as they can handle very high windspeeds. Moreover, they won’t have to be replaced for up to 50 years.

What’s great is that metal roofs are not that expensive either. If you look around, you could find a contracting team that won’t charge much to install them too.

Landscape the yard

Landscaping your yard won’t just increase curb appeal, but it would also protect your home during a storm.  Loose branches could be knocked into your home due to the strong winds. Be sure to prune any trees or bushes that are in your yard.

Are there any trees with loose roots surrounding your house? Have them removed. They could be major dangers.

Also, clear your gutters. Gutters free of any debris would prevent rain from collecting and flooding your property.

Install a Metal Garage Door

Regular garage doors are not hurricane proof. They can break and let the storm inside. That’s why you should install metal garage doors. Some metal garage doors come with special reinforcement posts – get a hold of them.

Install Special Windows

Unfortunately, regular windows would not be able to withstand the brunt of a hurricane. You need to swap your windows for counterparts made from impact-resistant glass. If you want to make your home storm proof, any buying guide for replacing windows in your home would tell you to go for options that have metal frames.

One of the benefits of installing windows with very tough glass isn’t just that your home would be hurricane proof, but the tough glass would make your home soundproof too. Also, heat won’t be able to enter or escape that easily.

Purchase the windows from reputed names, like Canadian Choice windows & doors. You would pick up quality products.

Replace Your Doors

Just like you should install a new roof and windows, you need to replace your front door too. Go for an entry door that is impact and wind resistant.

Of course, who you’re buying from is important. You want to work with a reputed seller, as the door you get might would not be high-quality otherwise.

Replacing your entry door would also be a good excuse to improve your home’s curb appeal!

When it comes to make your home hurricane proof, there are many things you could do. One of the best things is to replace your roof. Your house needs to have a metal roof if you want to withstand a storm. Also, replace your garage and windows too. Make sure the windows you get not only have very tough glass, but have metal frames as well. Most sellers that offer hurricane resistant windows thankfully sell hurricane resistant doors too. So, what do you think?

Photo by JOSHUA COLEMAN on Unsplash

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