6 Actionable Ways to Promote Your Beauty Business

Promoting the beauty business is challenging due to the highly saturated industry. However, you can get a competitive edge by implementing some strategies like SEO, business listing, and more. If you’re tired of old promotional techniques, it might be time to try something actionable and different. There are lots of different ideas and strategies you can try to get more people to come to your salon, and we’ll talk about some of them in this article. Let’s have a look!

1. Referral Discounts 

There is nothing more awesome thing than getting a discount on products and services. But referral discount is something else that can boost your business instantly. How referral discount work? For example, If the dentist next door knows someone who wants salon services, they can tell them that if they go to your salon, they’ll get a little discount. 

But when you offer a discount, you have to lower your profit margin which sometimes disturbs your finances. For this, you have to buy products at a cheap price which is only possible if you buy in bulk. For example, you also offer some medicated products such as BCN, profhilo, etc. In that case, it is recommended to order profhilo wholesale so that you can easily offer bigger discounts with a handsome profit. 

2. List Your Beauty Business on Online Directories 

As you know, every business is online nowadays and no one can survive without going online. Online business directories are the right places to promote your business in your niche. If you’re doing local business, you must put your business on local but relevant directories. According to the studies, 70% of people search on Google to find products and services. So, if your business is on directories, you will show to your target audience in their searches. 

There are some most popular business directories at which your business must be listed:

  • GMB (Google My Business)
  • Yelp
  • Yellow Pages 
  • Euro Pages 

3. Create and Keep Update Your Website 

Website is one of the significant things to showcase your products and services. You must create a website for your beauty business. You can create a blog section to educate your target audience about your beauty services and offers. Besides having a website, it is highly recommended to keep it updated. You must create quality content to describe your services. Plus, you also need to keep your website simple and user-friendly. This way, you can build strong relationships with your clients and will also get huge organic traffic. 

4. SEO of Your Beauty Business 

If you want to outrank your competitor, you must improve the SEO of your website. SEO is search engine optimization in which you have to try to make your website according to search engines. Remember one thing, all search engines work as per their algorithms and if you meet the requirements of those, you can get a top position on SERPs. But implementing SEO strategies isn’t as easy as it seems. For this, you should hire SEO experts who have great experience and extensive digital marketing experience. This way, you can easily promote your business in different geographical locations within months. 

5. Google and Facebook Ads Campaigns 

As per reports, 30 percent of all Facebook users bought something because of the ads they saw while scrolling through their feeds. It’s pretty much the same for Google ads too. These ads aim at people with certain interests who live nearby. So, if you use this way of marketing, you can easily reach the people you want to attract.

6. Focus On Online Reviews 

Everyone reads reviews before buying any products or service and it is a reality. 90 percent of people check reviews before choosing a business, so having no reviews is worse than having some okay ones. For this, you must ask your clients to leave reviews for your beauty business. Remember, reviews not only make your business credible but also have a positive impact on search results. 

Summing Up

The beauty business is highly lucrative if you run it effectively and efficiently. For this, you have to implement the best promotional and marketing strategies. In this article, we have discussed the actionable ways from referral discounts to online reviews that can elevate your beauty business easily.


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