6 Reasons to Get Your Teeth Whitened Professionally

Most people are unaware that they can get their teeth professionally whitened at their local dentist’s office. We’re used to associating the dentist with things like routine cleanings or braces, but in reality, dentist offices offer a wide range of comprehensive services.

Cosmetic dentistry is just as common as routine dental appointments. As an example, Valley Ridge Dental in NE Calgary offers as many cosmetic dental procedures as regular dental procedures.

You don’t have to worry about getting this procedure right at home by yourself: here are 6 reasons to get your teeth whitened professionally.

1) Preparing for a Big Day

A common reason for wanting to get your teeth whitened is to prepare for an important event. People often get their teeth whitened before they get married, attend a high school reunion, or even present at an important work event. It’s as simple as booking an appointment, and you’ll have sparkling whites in no time.

2) Confidence Boost

For many people, having discolored or stained teeth are sources of embarrassment. Wanting to be confident with your smile is another common reason for getting your teeth whitened professionally. Besides boosting your overall confidence, whitening can be a step forward in a journey to self-care.

For example, smoking often leaves teeth stained and discolored. If you’ve given up smoking and want to celebrate, whiting your teeth could be a great way to move on from that bad habit and give yourself the gift of polished, white teeth.

3) Safe Alternative to at Home Methods

There is a stark difference between professional whitening and the methods that you can use at home. Products like whitening strips might seem like an easy, quick alternative, but they could end up doing more harm than good.

Because you are not a professional, there are certain risks. For example, leaving the strips on for longer than recommended can damage the enamel of your teeth. They can also cause gum or tooth sensitivity, which you will avoid by getting whitening done in a dentist’s office.

4) More Effective

To make things worse, if you do end up using whitening strips, you could experience those negative side effects without seeing any results at all. Depending on the cause of discoloration, white strips aren’t guaranteed to work.

Poor oral hygiene and trauma to the teeth will prevent the strips from working. In these cases, stains have the potential to appear darker against the rest of your teeth after whitening. By going to a professional, they can target these problem areas to ensure an even result.

5) Longevity

White strips, although they are effective for some, don’t have a lasting effect on teeth whitening. Since the results only last for a small amount of time, this leads people to use them often. As mentioned above, this has the potential to cause damage to gums and the enamel itself.

In comparison, a professional teeth whitening is your best option for actually keeping your teeth white.

6) Supervision

Most importantly, nothing can replace a dental professional’s supervision and expertise during the teeth whitening process. This supervision by an oral health care provider will greatly reduce any possible risks or side effects of the procedure, with a better result overall.

Final Thoughts

It is your personal choice whether you would rather whiten at home or with the care of a professional. However, it’s important to keep the risks of at-home methods like strips and gels in mind. You might think that you’re saving time and money when in fact, you’re putting your teeth at risk. It’s always much safer and much more effective to opt for a professional dentist.

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