6 Rom-Com Movies to Uplift Your Mood

There’s one thing certain about romantic comedies (rom-com). You can enjoy or tolerate them, but can’t hate them. However, rom-com movies have seen a dip in recent years. Mainly due to enthralling shows providing a thrilling experience to the audience. However, it certainly doesn’t mean a decline in demand.

Still, there is a great audience for rom-com movies. And why not? Who doesn’t want to get cozy on a couch and laugh out loud on a lazy weekend?

Also, there are no restrictions when you’re up for a rom-com. From your significant others to your parents, there’s no need to get picky among people. A decent comedy with light romance won’t hurt anyone, right?

This article is all about rom-com movies worth watching. Just lay back on your couch and pick whatever suits you. So, without any delay, let’s get rolling:

1. 50 First Dates

Have you ever heard about a 50th date? It’ll be surprising if your answer is yes. Usually, there’s a first date, then a second, third, or fourth at max. Then, either the couple breaks up or everything settles down. However, Henry and Lucy had around 50 first dates.

Quite confusing, right? But here’s the twist. Lucy faced short-term memory loss. Every day, she met Henry and the next day, she forgot. So, Henry, who was madly in love with Lucy, dated her until she remembered him.

It’s a heartwarming movie as Henry tries everything for Lucy to remember him. Plus, slight romance and light humor make it more interesting.

2. Forgetting Sarah Marshall

People do all kinds of things to get over their breakups. Some join the gym while some go to Hawaii to mend themselves. However, fewer find their ex in the same place, at the same hotel, with new partners.

This is the plot of this movie, which surrounds Peter, who was dumped by his TV sensation girlfriend, Sarah. Emotionally, he was battered up and to forget Sarah, he plans a trip to Hawaii. There, he meets his ex with her new partner.

As a viewer, you’ll surely be entertained as this movie is one of the best light-hearted rom-coms. Also, we’re not telling whether they ended up together or not. Why? Because we really want you to see this movie.

3. The Parent Trap 

It’s a tale of two little girls on a mission. The mission is to bring back their parents together. This movie is about love as the innocence of little girls takes one heart. Also, a little pinch of romance makes this movie more interesting. So, if you’re up for some very light-hearted content, movies don’t get better than this.

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4. There’s Something About Mary

Featuring the iconic Cameron Diaz, watching this movie will make you laugh out loud. This movie is a perfect example of how a love triangle works. After an awful prom date experience, Ted thinks his chance to get Mary is over. 

However, it took him 13 years to realize how much he loved her. To investigate what Mary was up to, he hires a private investigator. But there’s a twist in the tale. The P.I. falls in love with Mary.

This movie is perfect if you’re in for a kick of entertainment. Plus, we guarantee that there’s not a single minute of boredom.

5. The Proposal

We’d say this movie depicts the uncertainties of life. How? A famous book editor faced the risk of being deported back to Canada. To counter this, she came up with a not-so-brilliant idea.

She proposes to marry her younger male assistant to get a green card. However, things turned in their favor gradually. During a family visit, the couple realized that they were falling in love – in real.

The events of twists and turns make this movie really lively. Also, there’s not a single dull moment in the movie.

6. How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days 

An aspiring mag journalist is on a mission to excel in her field. She’s constantly looking for challenges. So, her boss assigns a weird task. She’s told to cover a story “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days”.

She found a guy and put all her typical woman antics into play. However, she ended up falling in love with her. Wait a minute, here’s the twist. The guy she fell for had a bet that he would make her fall in love.

So, it’s a classic movie about love-related conflicts. Also, if you’re in for a rom-com plus some light suspense, this is the way to go.

Bottom Line

Rom-com movies can’t go out of fashion, simply because they’re all-season movies. Bored? Sad? Hurt? Or anything, rom-com movies can be an escape in all situations.


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