6 Things to Consider When Looking For a DUI Lawyer

Dealing with a DUI is no joke. You need the best attorney by your side, and we discussed everything you need to consider when choosing one.

Attorneys Know Best

How many attorneys do you know? If you’re lucky, you may have some good contacts. Pick their brains and ask them who they’d hire if they were being charged for a DUI. You can find out who to avoid as well.

National College for DUI Defenses Approved

Depending on where you live, you may be able to utilize the National College for DUI Defenses. It’s a non-profit organization that would let you get a hold of an attorney for the charge for free.

What’s great about the college is that it is very strict with the lawyers it works with. Only the best are a part of it.  If you look through its selection, and find someone you like, you could hire them privately. As you’re paying, more attention would be diverted to you.


Lawyers charge a pretty penny. Take a look at the ones in your city and compare their rates. You could be spending an arm and a leg otherwise.

Make note of any hidden charges too. Will you be charged for the consultation? What about for paperwork? When dealing with a drunk driving offense, the paperwork to go through would be immerse. If you’re being charged for this, you’ll go broke.


You most likely will get your driving privileges suspended. How severe the suspension would be depends on how good of a lawyer you got. Take a look at his experience. Hopefully, he has had a lot of successful cases.

If he’s good at his job, he’ll most likely talk about his cases and success. His website should have his success rate as well as testimonies from former clients. You can also go to Bail hearing lawyers. You could hire one separately, but take a look at how well the attorney that is handling your DUI has been with the hearings. He could have a superb track record with them, so working with him would save time and money.


The best attorneys let their clients in on everything. If you live in New Toronto, navigating the New Toronto-Area Criminal Court Paradigm can be confusing. It’s an area that’s very strict with its drunk driving charges. Without the lawyer’s help, you would be lost.

DUIs are very serious, so having someone communicating with you throughout the process would also let you stay calm.

Is He A Dabbler?

It’s great that he’s handled many successful DUI cases. But has he just dabbled in them or does he specialize in drunk driving charges? If you are stuck, and are comparing attorneys, go with the one that specializes in dealing with DUIs.

Looking long and hard before settling with an attorney is important. Drunk driving charges could destroy future prospects, so working with the best of the best is needed.

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