6 ways to get through a dark time of your life

We have all gone through a difficult patch in our life at one time or the other and with the current pandemic situation underway, this is becoming more and more common among the youth of today.

With people facing several different issues, from the death of loved ones to economic weakness, from lack of socialization to loneliness and depression.

People should not have to suffer even amid a pandemic and there are several ways to overcome this. With the right methods and help, you can get over this time sooner than later and enjoy the beauty of life at your own pace once again.

Here are a few things you could keep in mind while going through such a situation, credit to WikiHow for the guidelines ( Source: Wikihow ):

1. Remember that you aren’t alone:

One of the biggest pains that plague people going through suffering is the feeling of loneliness and isolation. Always remember that wherever you are in life, whatever be your age, race, gender, or religion, you will always find someone who wants to help you.

From support groups to therapists, there are hundreds of ways for you to keep this in mind. Your friends and family will always be there, no matter the situation, if you don’t find what you seek there, you’re always welcome in counseling groups and retreats, where you will find hundreds of like-minded individuals.

2. Have faith in yourself:

Having faith in yourself is of the utmost importance when you are going through a tough situation. There are many organizations willing to lend you a helping hand at any point in your life.

The Planetshakers Melbourne church has helped thousands of people with this. And you can feel the same way as well. Start by having faith in yourself and in the almighty. Pray, meditate, and spend some time with yourself.

You will definitely find a renewed meaning to your existence after this.

3. Get creative:

When in trouble, try to distract yourself. During the stressful pandemic, some people chose to learn a language, others built a skill like baking and still, others worked on a pre-existing skill.

Taking the time to distract yourself by engaging in a creative activity, whatever it may be will help you feel accomplished and better about yourself.

Know that the more you do, the less you will have to worry.

4. Make Changes:

Analyze your life and past experiences and see if there is something that you would like to change. It may be relationships with your friends or family or events you attend or the places you visit.

Make sure you think about it and come up with new ways to handle it. Rebuild friendships you lost and disconnect from people that put you down. Take a slow but steady pace so that you can strive to get better every single day and sooner than later, escape the place you’re stuck in.

5. Analyze yourself:

When the word analyze is used, it is used positively. Don’t just look at the faults you have committed or the things that you have messed up. Look at yourself in a positive light.

Notice how far you’ve come and pat yourself on your back. The journey you’ve made has been long and hard, yet you’ve done it. Ensure that you reward yourself and spend a moment to be proud of who you are and how far you have come.

You’re a worthy individual and deserve to be proud of yourself.

6. Talk:

Simply put, the best way to get out of a hard situation would be to talk.

Whether it be to yourself, friends, family, a loved one, a teacher, or a therapist, talking will help you express yourself better and help you feel less burdened.

Consulting a therapist has often been given quite a negative outlook. However, thankfully today, people understand the need for mental health a lot better and it is quite easy to find one.

Finally, when things seem to be going badly and all seems lost, you still have ways to cope. Forgiving grudges, improving yourself, speaking to people, and taking care of yourself are great ways of carrying you out of the cold hands of solitude.

Photo by Paola Chaaya on Unsplash

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