6 Ways to Stop Losing Slots Play

Slot machines are all about chance, right? Wrong! There are some strategies you can implement to better your chances at slot machines. If you’re tired of leaving things up to luck and are wondering if making money playing slot machines is possible, then look no further. 

We understand the struggles. Although some losing rounds are necessary and inevitable when playing slots, the slot gamblers’ risk can be decreased with the right moves. 

Playing Slots in the UK

Here in the UK, you can start to play slots as young as 18 years of age. It’s legal for individuals of that age to set foot into land-based casinos and register on online platforms. Before you lay down a significant amount of your capital, we suggest following our 6 tips below to make sure you reduce the chances of a losing streak. 

How to Stop Losing at Slots

1. Look at the Slot Machine Programming

One of the most important aspects of hitting a win is slot machine programming. You need to know how the slot machine works in order to plan your method. In short, slot machines were designed based on programming by developers. They function off algorithms with one purpose – to take a small percentage of your bets.

The programming is ingrained in each slot and it will not vary. If the game was designed to make 4% off of your money, that’s how much the house will get no matter how long you play. Slots are volatile, and although you may get lucky and find a slot that happens to be paying out more in the short term, there is no way to figure out when.

2. Understand the RTP

Speaking of percentages, the RTP is the figure players need to know before investing in a slot game. A large part of why you may be losing at slot play is because you picked a game with a low RTP, or return to player. The average RTP in online slot games is 96%. The slots gamblers risk is quite low, which is why slots are so popular.

There are games with much higher RTPs and even ones that reach 99%! However, if the RTP is high, then there is more of a chance the slot will rank high on the volatility scale. Even so, the 99% return is worth it, especially if you bet high and there is a massive jackpot. 

3. Manage Your Budget

It’s very easy to lose at slots play if you don’t have good bankroll management. Controlling your budget and giving yourself a limit to how much you bet and how often, it will give you a chance to outfox the programming to some extent.

The upper hand of managing your budget is the machine cannot change course, meaning it can only do what its programming allows. So if you know how that particular slot works, you can do some quick calculations and identify the chances you have at winning with a certain budget.

4. Know When to Walk Away

Even if you try to adopt strategies to beat the computer, there is still a good chance you will lose something. Whether you lose a dollar or 1000 dollars, you need to know when to walk away. 

There are plenty of players that allow their emotions to take hold and keep on playing in the hopes that they will recuperate their losses. However, this is a surefire way to end up losing more. Knowing when to walk away and try again later will save you from losing more of your capital. 

5. Choose the Right Online Casinos

Pick online casinos that give you bonuses and incentives. Take advantage of the good deals they offer to increase your budget and winning chances. For example, there are plenty of online platforms that give you free credits for signing up and access to tournaments and daily bonuses and discounts that can help you extend your capital. 

6. Try the Free Demos

If you aren’t sure about the game and aren’t very tech-savvy or a mathematician, looking at online slots reviews and trying out the free demos can give you an idea of how a slot works, the RTP and whether or not it’s worth you investing your time.

Our expert Alexandra Vasilkova has much experience and knowledge to offer about slots and what to look for when you’re trying the free versions. You can read more about her.


If you’re tired of losing at slots play and want to stop hemorrhaging money, following our 6 tips above can help you minimize your losses. 

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