7 Men’s Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas

Valentine’s Day is an especially good occasion to dress with style and confidence. It is important to make a good impression, but your clothes do not have to feel dressy or formal. The key is to choose contemporary men’s basics and polished outfit accents. If you are interested in this kind of look, the following men’s outfit ideas will keep you feeling bold yet comfortable. 

These timeless styles are perfect for dinner dates. They are also flattering enough to charm your date during an outdoor adventure or while playing at-home chef. Try a few combinations in the mirror. With fresh go-to basics in your closet, you are sure to discover the right outfit for your special evening.

Red Flannel with a Black Tee and Jeans  

Men can celebrate Valentine’s Day by wearing the color red. For guys who prefer a stylish yet understated look, you do not need to dress in a bold, monochrome ensemble. A time-trusted staple like a red flannel shirt will keep you warm while adding a little charm to your outfit. Layer your long sleeve flannel on top of a clean black t-shirt. Men’s pocket tees are an example of a first layer that includes subtle detailing appropriate for a special occasion. 

Keep your holiday ensemble looking polished with a matching pair of black jeans. Complete the look with a pair of shoes that are relaxed yet refined. Chukka boots and desert boots are excellent choices. Chelsea boots are another option. Avoid too many accessories, which can take away from the outfit’s classic feel. A fresh haircut and a light spritz of cologne should be all you need to cap off this desirable fit. 

Red Pocket Tee with Gray Jacket and Black Pants 

A tailored jacket will instantly dress up a clean pocket tee. When you combine these men’s essentials with well-fitting pants, you have an outfit that you can wear for any location come Valentine’s Day. Begin with a fresh shirt in your favorite shade of red. Some guys will like the look of a scarlet or candy apple tee, while others will prefer a burgundy or maroon look. 

Once you pick your first layer, find a sophisticated jacket in the gray family. A blazer or a sport coat are traditional choices. A peacoat will also work for this outfit. Experiment with gray jackets in shades ranging from light to dark. Mini-houndstooth patterns will also work with this choice. Match your elevated outerwear with pants that look good enough for a date. Try chinos in the darkest shade of black. If it is cold outside, consider black wool pants or flannel trousers. 

Navy Crew Neck Tee with Royal Blue Jacket and Pants 

Some men will want to rebel against Valentine’s Day traditional colors. If you want to stand out without wearing pink or red, a sharp blue outfit is for you. Begin your ensemble with a brand new navy crew neck with soft and touchable fabric. Look for a tailored fit with features like side seams to know the shirt  will look good on their own. 

Next, top it with a royal blue jacket. An unstructured sport jacket is an ideal choice for this outfit because it adds polish and sophistication to the crew neck without becoming too formal. Wear a classic blue shade or find a coat that has subtle accents on the sleeves or pockets. Gold cufflinks are an excellent accessory to this handsome combination of t-shirt and jacket. 

Instead of standard dress pants, you can modernize this look with blue or gray chinos. Other choices include cords and slim-fit pants. Wool pants and cropped pants are stylish enough for a Valentine’s date. Skip more relaxed styles like joggers or jeans, which take away from the outfit’s classic and cultivated feel. 

Burgundy Jacket and Black Long Sleeve Tee with Black Pants 

A burgundy jacket will add a subtle touch of elegance to a more casual men’s outfit. It is also a flattering and romantic color for guys to wear on Valentine’s Day. Pair it with a long sleeve tee like a v-neck or crew neck. A short sleeve black vneck shirt may also be appropriate. When it comes to choosing a coat, wool and wool-blend jackets are popular this time of year. For those who are looking to impress the love of their life, a cashmere jacket in a darker red color will have everyone feeling cozy. 

This outfit combines a casual yet sophisticated appearance. Instead of black denim pants, choose wool or a wool blend instead. Polyester and cotton blends are also appropriate. As with most of the men’s outfits on this list, casual tailored pants and popular styles like men’s chinos are best for this seasonal look. Finish the ensemble with a clean pair of boots. 

White Coat and Pants with Neutral Accents 

White clothing symbolizes freshness and simplicity. It can also help to inspire a new beginning. If you want to set good intentions with your outfit on Valentine’s Day, consider a neutral-colored look. Start with a white or beige first layer like a crew neck tee or v-neck shirt. Next, put a tailored white jacket on top. The coat does not have to be pure white. Shades like pearl and cream are excellent choices for men’s date ensembles. 

Finish the outfit with neutral pants in the same color family. Accents like a gold watch or cufflinks can help to make this look appropriate for a romantic evening. Stay away from large or gaudy pieces of jewelry, which can easily turn a men’s white outfit from classic to tacky. Choose dress shoes or boots for your footwear, and then focus on a clean haircut and well-groomed facial hair. 

Red Hoodie with T-Shirt and Jeans 

Some Valentine’s Day outfits are more for casual dates. If you plan on spending time outside or want to get active, a classic red hoodie with a fresh t-shirt and jeans is both attractive and confident. A pullover hoodie in a darker shade of red like garnet is sure to accent your best features. Other options include zip-up hoodies and soft hooded long sleeves. 

You do not need many accents or accessories to make this outfit flattering. An understated watch will add a little polish to what is a naturally unique fit. With this outfit, you can get more creative with footwear. High-top sneakers or moc-toe boots can help to complete this outfit. Dressier sneakers and canvas sneakers are other trend-forward choices. 

Black Crew Neck Tee with Coat and Denim Jeans 

A fresh black crew neck flatters every man. If you know your date likes a traditional look, pair your tee with your favorite coat and your best-fitting pair of denim jeans. Leather jackets and bomber jackets work for this Valentine’s Day ensemble. You can also go with a blazer or a denim jacket. Suede jackets and bomber jackets are especially stylish when paired with slim-fit jeans. 

A hat or a fashionable pair of sunglasses can help to make this look worthy of a Valentine’s Day date. Focus on your unique style. Avoid snapback hats or newsboy caps, which can look too casual or hide your best features. Aviator sunglasses and round-shaped glasses can help to elevate the casual feel of the denim. Get creative with the footwear that best suits your coat and pants. Some men will look best in dressier sneakers, while others should choose boots to complete their look.

Dress Your Best This Valentine’s Day 

The best Valentine’s Day outfits for men will accentuate your most attractive features. They will also give you a polished, timeless look. With the right layers and colors, you will be ready for any kind of date. You will also feel confident and comfortable, no matter how long your outing lasts. Valentine’s Day can be unforgettable. Give your best impression and make the most of the occasion with a stylish and confident look. 

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

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