7 Tips for Getting in Touch with Your Creative Side

Is creativity something that can be tapped into? For most people, creativity can seem like an elusive feeling that comes and goes in unpredictable waves. But, like anything, creativity is a process and there are some things that you can do to unleash your creative side and learn to tap into it more often. Here are some things that you can do to harness the power of your own creativity:

Forget Perfectionism

Perfectionism is one of the biggest creativity killers out there. When you’re approaching a task and wondering whether you’re doing it right or if you’re doing it well enough, you will probably find that most of the time you do it well anyway! One good way to tap into your creative side is to spend some time practicing doing things even when you’re not sure if you’re going to be able to do them perfectly or how they’re going to turn out; you may be pleasantly surprised.

Keep Practicing

Practice being creative often! Whether you enjoy writing and singing music, painting art, making things with your hands, or designing things digitally, practice as often as you can – even if you never show anybody else your creations. Making it a regular ritual to be creative as often as possible will help your brain get used to being creative and make it easier for you to unleash that side of your personality.

Have Fun

Society teaches us that we need to have an aim or a goal for an activity in order for it to be successful, but creativity just isn’t that linear. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with having goals when it comes to your creative process, but it’s just as important to have some fun as well. When you’re able to be creative purely for the enjoyment of it, you’ll find tapping into your creative side easier.


If you’re stressed out and on edge, then you’ll find it more difficult to be creative. Creativity thrives when you are relaxed, so if you’re struggling to come up with any creative ideas, try to find ways to relax and wind down first. You might find that going for a nice walk, getting a massage, taking a luxurious bath or sitting down to watch a good movie might help get your creative juices flowing.

Give Yourself the Right Resources

Depending on the type of creative activities you’re hoping to do, having the right tools and resources to hand will make it easier for you to get in the groove and let your creative juices flow. If you’re creating art, for example, then make sure that you have the right materials to hand before you start; nothing will kill your creativity more than finding out halfway through that you don’t have the right color of paint or the type of brush that you need. If you want to get into something new, do some research first. For example, if you enjoy singing or want to start a podcast, see MusicAuthority’s list of the best voice recorders.

Find What Works for You

Everyone is different when it comes to inspiring creativity, so start noticing the things that inspire you, or the times when you tend to be at your most creative. Do you tend to have more creative ideas in the morning, or would you describe yourself as a night owl? It can be useful to take notes or keep a journal to make it easier to track your most creative times so that you can channel your creativity when it’s at its peak.

Catch Your Ideas

Sometimes when you’re feeling creative, you can’t get to work straight away and turn your idea into a reality. You’ve probably been in that situation, where you’re about to go into an important meeting, driving, or even waking up in the middle of the night with a fantastic idea that you can’t just follow the flow of immediately. Keep a notebook with you so that you can write any ideas you have down and come back to them as soon as you can.

Whether you’d describe yourself as a creative person or just have some creative ideas from time to time, these are some of the best ways to tap further into your creative side.

Image: unsplash-logoDragos Gontariu

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