8 Benefits of Wearing an Undershirt

Undershirts are one of the most popular items to keep in your closet. This comfortable article of clothing offers many different advantages, both for comfort and style. 

Still, not every undershirt is the same. Depending on the materials used, the quality of the style, and the manufacturing process, there are many factors to consider to get the best undershirt for you. 

What are the benefits of wearing Undershirts? Let’s take a look below! 

1. Undershirts Can Help Trap Sweat

One of the most significant advantages to wearing undershirts is that they can help trap sweat. When you go throughout your day, sweat is bound to happen. Whether you’re at the gym, running errands, or working on a business presentation, sweat is just a part of life. 

While you can’t always stop sweat from happening, you can be prepared with the right kind of undershirt. Look for the right materials to help wick moisture, such as bamboo fabric. Not only does this material help wick moisture away from the body, but it also helps manage odor.

When the pressure is on, don’t let sweat get the best of you. Wearing an undershirt can help reduce sweat absorption and eliminate odors all in one.  

2. Layers on Layers on Layers

Undershirts are also a great way to layer. Layering your shirts can help elevate your style, especially if you want to wear a flannel, button up, or jacket overtop. 

3. Undershirts Keep You Comfortable 

Have you ever been stuck with an itchy or uncomfortable shirt that you couldn’t take off. Whether you’re trying to stay warm in an itchy sweater or wearing an uncomfortable suit or dress shirt, an undershirt is an excellent way to help eliminate the discomfort and keep you feeling good all day. Acting like a sort of barrier between your clothes and your skin, a soft undershirt can work wonders for uncomfortable clothes. 

4. Undershirts Keep You Warm 

On cooler days, adding an undershirt to your outfit can help support thermoregulation and keep you warm. Adding another layer can help trap your body heat while also offering another layer between your skin and the cold air. 

Don’t let cool temperatures keep you from doing what you love. Grab your bike, your hiking shoes, or your running shoes and wear an undershirt as an extra layer to protect against the cold. Plus, with breathability and flexibility, you’ll never overheat when it gets warm out, either. 

5. UPF Sun Protection

You’ve heard of sun protection for your skin, but have you heard of UPF sun protection for your clothing? When it comes to heat and wearing the right protective gear in the sun, there’s a lot to consider. UPF clothing protection can make a big difference when it comes to keeping your skin safe, happy, and healthy. 

How does UPF sun protection work? UPF, also known as ultraviolet protection factor, indicates how much UVA and UVB rays from the sun can reach your skin. For instance, UPF 50+ blocks 98% of the sun’s rays and only allows one fiftieth of a percent to reach your skin. This significantly reduces the risk of overexposure to the sun and any damage that could result. 

While a regular undershirt could still shield you from the sun, it wouldn’t provide the same protection. Since not all clothing is made equal, look for clothes that offer adequate protection so you can keep enjoying all the outdoor activities you love. Take a look at our collection of  undershirts that offer UPF 50+ sun protection so you can avoid burns while soaking in the sunshine. 

6. Wicks Moisture

Whether you’re sweating during the day or out in the rain, finding an undershirt that can wick away moisture to keep you dry in damp conditions is a must. Nobody wants to feel weighed down by a heavy, damp shirt. Look for the right materials that can wick away moisture from your body to keep your skin dry and comfortable. 

7. Reduces Fabric Wear

If you wear certain shirts often, wearing an undershirt can help reduce fabric wear. For instance, wearing an undershirt can protect your athletic shirts or your dress shirts from constant wear. When your fabric rubs on your skin often, the friction can accumulate over time and lead to significant wear and tear. To help your clothes last as long as possible, grab an undershirt and add an extra layer of protection. 

8. Reduce Transparency With Dress Shirts

Some dress shirts can be transparent. This can not only be uncomfortable, but it can be embarrassing if you’re not aware. Transparency can make it easier to see things like sweat under your shirts, too. Instead of letting everyone see right through you, wear an undershirt! This extra layer adds a solid color underneath to eliminate see-through shirts and keep your attire professional and private. 

Photo by Brando Makes Branding on Unsplash

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