8 Great Degrees for Creative People

Some people grow up with a clear idea of what they want to do when they finish school. Academics often have a clear path laid out. They enjoy a subject, they study it at university, and then they go on to work in a related field. For creatives, the road isn’t often so straight. The subjects you enjoy might not lead directly into a profession. Here are some great ideas for degrees for creative people, which can lead to great jobs.

If you’re a musician, then a music degree can offer you many employment opportunities, including teaching. There is currently a big debate on whether music is a necessary part of a child’s education, or whether it should be replaced with more vocational options. If you’d like to add your voice to this debate, arguing the benefits of music to education and childhood development, then an online MME degree could be ideal.

Architecture is a degree that allows you to team your creative mind with logic, math, and problem solving. Architecture is a highly-valued career and your skills would always be in demand. Architects can have long and varied careers while achieving vast financial success.

Graphic Design
Graphic designers work online, by computer, and by hand, to design graphics for a wide range of different materials. These include posters, marketing materials, logos, menus, adverts, and headers for both letters and websites. Graphic designers could work on a range of different projects, or in a more specific niche, such as wedding stationary.

Game Design
Games, mmo’s, and e-sports, are huge. It’s a constantly growing and developing industry using the very latest technological advancements. Working in game design can be very rewarding, both financially, and in terms of achievements and success.

Animation is still as popular as ever when it comes to TV and films, but there has also been a huge growth in animation being used online. With vlogging, online tutorials, and online advertising growing in popularity, animation is being used more than ever.

Film Making
While the platforms on which we view films are changing, veering more towards online streaming and away from cinemas, movies are still incredibly popular. While film making isn’t an easy industry to break into, if you can, it can lead to a diverse and exciting career.

Interior Design
There is no doubt that interior design needs a creative eye. Interior design is a creative degree, which can lead to a wealth of work as soon as you graduate. It’s an easy industry to get involved in, and can lead to a long career.

Working in advertising or marketing allows you to explore creativity while using your logical mind and problem solving skills. Advertisers and marketers are more than ever using digital strategies to reach their target market, so it’s a great time to get involved.

This is a great time to be in a creative industry. While more traditional creative outlets, such as print media, might be starting to die out, more interactive, virtual environments are growing in their place. If you are interested in a course like an online MME program, apply today and get started.

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