9 Best Places to Visit to Learn and Practice Tantric Yoga

Despite common assumptions, traditional tantric yoga isn’t associated with sex. It’s actually a highly spiritual practice that’s in tangent with the practice of tantra. 

Learning tantric yoga can help you to use the body, mind and spirit to reach your higher self and use your inner energy to achieve a spiritual awakening. With continual practice, you’ll increase your self-esteem, relieve tension, and learn to relax. 

In this article, we’ll reveal where to learn tantric yoga and 9 best places for tantric yoga practice. So before you start going through your wardrobe to pick the best set of clothes and pack your suitcase for the trip, you may want to read on and choose among these best destinations.

Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh, India

This 10 day retreat aims to explore the highest awakening of tantric yoga in mind, body, and heart. Learning tantric yoga here comes with the guidance of experienced instructors. This wonderful experience tackles tantric sexuality healing, tantric yoga for couples, chakra healing, kundalini awakening, as well as a daily morning yoga practice. 

Cost: $2450

Best for: Couples and those who wish to deepen their love and understanding with themselves and others. 

Koh Phangan, Suratthani, 84280, Thailand

This 7 day women’s retreat at Jaran’s Yoga, Wellness and Eatery, Thailand, is one of the best places for tantric yoga practice. Focusing on tantric sexuality, attendees will be treated to daily workshops covering western yoga therapy and esoteric tantric yoga, blended with dance and femininity. 

Cost: From $850

Best for: Women who desire to explore their female energy, ecstasy and goddess power. 

Tuval, North District, Israel

This 4 day intensive retreat at The Path of Tantra, focuses on aiding sexual energy, helping to benefit your overall sexuality. Guided instructors will teach you how to explore the relationship you have with your body, inner femininity and masculinity, as well as the effect those have on relationships with others. 

Cost: From $669

Best for: Those with blocked sexual energy.

Rishikesh, Uttarakhand 249304, India

Rishis International Eco Retreat, India, is truly one of the best places for tantric yoga practice. During this 11 day tantra workshop, you’ll learn about emotional release, celebration, how to heal past pain, gratitude, and loving power. 

Cost: $1132

Best for: Those who wish to explore all aspects of the practice of tantric yoga.

Wayanad, Kerala, India

At Romes Wellness Waynroots, learning tantric yoga comes with Ayurvedic massage, Chai tea, organic meals and daily yoga. This 7 day yoni retreat is ideal if you’re looking to rest, reset your body and spend some time focusing on yourself, particularly if you’re looking to heal. This women only retreat only employs female staff, enabling you to feel safe and centred within your mind, body and spirit. 

Cost: $1000

Best for: Women looking to explore their sexuality and femininity, especially if you have experienced past trauma. 

Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

At Svarga Loka Resort, couples can experience an 8 day tantra yoga retreat, helping them to increase their intimacy via sexual techniques, tantra meditation and breathing techniques. Experience the joy of tantric yoga where luxury accommodation meets a beautiful wellness centre, complete with spa, relaxation pools and restaurant. If you’re searching for some tantric yoga in a stunning tropical destination, this is it!

Cost: $3640

Best for: Couples looking to become more intimate. 

Ko Phangan, 84280, Thailand 

The Yoga House offers a 6 day female retreat for women who wish to participate in tantric yoga in a safe environment. You can experience morning yoga, breathing techniques, rituals, yoga therapy, meditation, and much more. For women who wish to develop tantric yoga techniques, you’ll be highly rewarded with this retreat. 

Cost: From $900

Best for: Women wanting to explore their sensuality.

Bali, 80552, Indonesia

Bhanuswari Resort & Spa offers an 11 day yoga retreat for those who wish to learn white tantric yoga techniques and kundalini mantras alongside women’s group sessions. You’ll be able to devote time to your femininity, as well as taking time to heal and rest. This retreat offers a truly authentic Balinese experience, alongside peaceful gardens and gentle streams.

Cost: $1500

Best for: Women who wish to heal and find their awakening.

Maharashtra, India

This 14 day retreat at Shivoham Ashram, India, is for those who wish to learn traditional tantra to become a tantric practitioner. Over 2 weeks, you’ll learn the authentic art of tantra alongside tantric yagna technology – essentially 64 fire pits. Experience tantra from a spiritual teacher and start the journey towards a path of spiritual enlightenment. 

Cost: $1440

Best for: People who want to become a tantric yoga practitioner.

Photo by Andrei Lasc on Unsplash

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