9 Innovative Shopping Apps and Websites in 2018

Technology is a disruptor and these shopping apps and websites have broken the mold in new, creative ways to save money while organizing shopping sprees, dining, and generally enjoying life. The best part isn’t their uniqueness and ease-of-use, though. The best part of these websites and applications is that they actually save us time, which is a huge benefit for almost everyone on the planet.

With the holiday season approaching fast, these are the digital products that will make lives easier while helping shoppers buy more with less money this December and start the New Year off with a bang.

Best Shopping Apps and Websites for the New Year

1. Reserve
If you live in one of seven big cities, Reserve solves the conundrum of where to take someone out to dinner. The app is a bit like OpenTable in that it helps users see where tables are available at a restaurant and then helps the user book them. But this is a high-end user experience for the top restaurants in Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Washington D.C. Bon appetit!

2. Velocity
For upscale New York dining, there’s Velocity. Instead of nervously wondering if a table is possible at a posh NYC, Miami, L.A., or London eating establishment, don’t worry — there’s an app for that. Velocity is designed around the luxury consumer seeking exquisite dining experiences; this website and app help find a table are the highest of the high-end establishments. Impress the boss or wow a date with this app and enjoy dining at its finest in 2018.

3. Threadless
Now that finding a restaurant is under control, giving some thought to what cool trendy wardrobe item is waiting in the closet is the next task. Threadless delivers by offering awesome t-shirts that simply aren’t available at the nearest retail outlet. These t-shirts are designed and sold by artists, so each design is far removed from mass-produced stenciling. From Frankenstein blowing a gum bubble to political slogans, this site offers some very unusual t-shirts for around $15 a pop with free shipping. You’re welcome!

4. The Hunt
New Year’s resolutions are important, so in 2018 if there is a particular fashion look that made the list of 2018 “going to do’s,” The Hunt should be the first website to visit. That’s because the site and phone app were designed to let users snap a pic of the groovy look they’re trying to achieve, and then other users can help find it. Say for example there’s a pair of must-have boots that a fashion model wore in Vogue. The Hunt fans can snap it, post it, and ask for help finding it. It’s a brilliant app designed to help users achieve their fashion and life goals.

5. Mona
If Siri liked to shop, she would be Mona. It’s true that the Mona app is probably smarter than the average shopper. That’s because this program uses artificial intelligence computer algorithms to help shoppers become more efficient and generally improve their shopping experience. Instead of running store to store, tell Mona what is on the shopping list, and the app will help find it. It’s like having a personal shopping assistant right on a smartphone. Mona’s algorithms learn shoppers preferences which hone the app’s ability to get it right the first time. Now that’s smart!

6. Tictail
If staying fashion-forward is important, check out Tictail, a one-stop-website and app for new and emerging fashion around the world. From books to baskets, shoes to sculptures, this site has curated independent brands for users to peruse. Tictail lets consumers check out brands before they go hot, keeping the most-cutting edge items for the home and fashion at the fingertips of their customers.

7. Dealspotr
What shopper hasn’t gone online, built up a shopping cart, and then discovered the coupon code for 25% didn’t apply or just didn’t work? Consumers obsessed with saving money know that every shopping excursion should start with Dealspotr. That’s because the website and app offer a community of coupon-obsessed shoppers who are willing to share the savings with others. Generous of them, right? As members (it’s free to join!) find coupon codes that work, they post them on Dealspotr. Users can post up-to-the-minute comments on whether the codes are still working, which takes a lot of frustration out of the bargain-seeking experience. Dealspotr is a must-have app for 2018 for the budget-conscious consumer.

8. Goat
People collect tennis shoes. That’s because a cool, custom-designed shoe is about as expensive as gold on the open market. Goat is an app that lets users post their collection for sale. Users can login in and shop like mad, but Goat secures their purchases so they don’t lose any cash with an unscrupulous buyer. If t-shoes are on the agenda for 2018, Goat is the must-have app to buy and sell these hot collector items.

9. Giftagram
This app is just-in-time for the holidays or those January birthdays that we all struggle with. Giftagram makes buying a present for someone super easy. The app is like a personal shopping concierge; it’s a huge timesaver when looking for the perfect gift for a boss, coworker, or long-lost relative. What’s different about Giftagram is that they’ll know Walmart was absolutely not the shopping destination of choice; these are curated brands of unusual and unique items that will make the gift recipient say, “How thoughtful.” Don’t tell them it took five minutes with the Giftagram app!

Shopping, No Dropping in 2018

The biggest benefit of these apps and websites is that they bring users the best gift ever — the gift of time. Each of the sites we’ve covered help eliminates the time suck factor from shopping while saving the user money. That marks all of these websites as “must-haves” for next year! Whether it’s finding a table at a restaurant after the shopping is done, or grabbing a current, active coupon from Dealspotr, these apps help make our lives easier and more fun. Here’s to a Happy New Year and a productive shopping season in 2018!

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