9 Trendiest Inverted Bob Haircuts This Year

What Makes an Inverted Bob So Popular?

From an inverted bob to an A-line bob, there are a variety of bob haircuts for women. But the question is, do you know the difference between these bobs? What makes them different? The primary difference between a classic A-line bob and an inverted bob is the method used to create them. For instance, an inverted bob is achieved by styling stacked hair at the nape of the neck and subtly curved lines progressing toward the front.

You can also opt to style it with front layers extending to shoulder length, to create a unique dramatic statement. We have collected some beautiful insights about an inverted bob haircut that will surely inspire your next styling. They are ridiculously hassle-free and modern styles. Take a look.

Inverted bob syle

1. Messy Inverted Bob.

This simple inverted bob is easily noticed from the back. Just style it messy and enhance its texture for fun days full of shine.

2. Choppy Bob for Women with Straight Hair.

This choppy bob haircut is ideal for women with naturally straight and thick hair. Cute layers are a great addition since they aid in taming the fullness and highlight the sleek appearance of the straight hair. Further, the teased hair at the top and dark base bring the style in harmony with great body and depth.

3. Long Bob and Layers.

One striking thing you will notice about this haircut is how beautifully the layers are styled to earn this inverted bob haircut a place in our top hairstyles. The layers work so wonderfully with women with extended hair because they highlight their facial features awesomely. This could be the best haircut if you want to tame the hair that grows past the jawline.

4. Textured Bob with Lift at The Roots.

If you need to cut your hair in one length, an inverted bob is the best haircut to embrace since it gives your hair a lot of volume. That is not all; these haircuts are super cute. No need to grow hair to get longer so you can style this haircut and make a statement. You can easily rock the natural hue and texture of your tresses and still create an awesome hairstyle that is sure to turn heads.

5. Duo-Toned Bob.

If you have decided to go bold but not too bold, then choose this duo-coloured contrast shades from the hue spectrum. You can either opt for platinum blonde or brown colours which is a stunning colour combination for hair. The way the hair is styled gives way for the showcasing of your colour combo.

Inverted bob variation

6. Stylish Bob and Blonde Balayage.

This extended-inverted bob is a classic option when you want to style short hair that is growing out. You achieve a cheek-sweeping look of long strands along with hassle-free maintenance of a short haircut. And if you want a style with an extra dimension, you can opt for blonde balayage.

7. Lavish Inverted Bob Cut.

This is a very versatile haircut that rocks both women with thick hair and those with thin hair alike. This is because it adds volume to any hair type. To create this cut, you should cut your hair to medium length to come up with proper roots for the haircut.

8. Caramel Bob and Blonde Hints.

Short cuts with curls look chicer than edgy. However, if you add a warm caramel balayage, you get polished and classy vibe. Slightly chopped ends contribute to the haircut’s texture and dimension. Add some mousse on your hair to tousle it and give it a fresh look.

9. Messy Bob with Decorative Colours.

We don’t think there is a lady out there who hasn’t tried a bob. This short-inverted bob is very common and regular haircut among ladies. To make it for yourself and stand out, try different colour combinations and choose the combo that suits you best. You can opt for this pair of platinum highlights and auburn locks or pick a different colour combo.

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