A Boy Named Wolf — wolf X Kate Crash

While he was working on his latest book my name is wolf, the third and final installment of The Daughter Trilogy, our editor Chiwan Choi sent out ‘sets,’ or EPs as he referred to them, of different pieces from the book to various artists & writers to get in conversation with, to remix, to jump off from. He calls the project wolfX.

The collaborators include Hari Alluri, Peter Woods, Kate Crash, Ana Chaidez, Buggsy Capri & more.

To celebrate the now-available The LARGE Box #2, the subscription indie book box from Writ Large Projects, which will include a limited edition print run of my name is wolf, they want to share this beautiful thing.

This is the short film that was created by musician, filmmaker & artist Kate Crash for the EP “my name is wolf (where joy, like the sun, recognized our skin)”.




wolf X Kate Crash

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