A Dreamlike Circus

The Fox & Beggar Theater was founded in 2013 by Nat Allister in the beautiful southern mountain town of Asheville, North Carolina. Their mission is to “to weave unusual artistic mediums together – from puppetry to multimedia to Butoh – to tell fairy tales, folk tales, and other stories from the deeply fantastical worlds we typically only reach in dreams.” That is an amazing mission statement, if we’ve ever heard one, and their initial production looks to be ambitiously well worthy of it.

Tarocco will be be based on a 15th century Italian card game consisting of four suits (much like our modern playing cards) and twenty two trump cards, numbered 0-21. Modern Tarot evolved out of Renaissance decks such as this, and you see the same strange characters among its own trump cards; the Magician, the Lovers, Death, the Hanged Man, etc. The Fox & Beggar describe their story as follows:
“With Card 0 (the Fool) as our enigmatic guide, Tarocco will take its viewers through 21 dreamlike acts designed by some of Asheville’s most visionary performers, dancers, acrobats, puppeteers, artists, costumers, maskmakers, and builders.”
This three-part circus for the stage is set to debut in January, with part two due in March and the final chapter in May. As you can imagine, there are hundreds of expenses associated to making this a reality, but with your help is it surely possible. Starting now, they need to raise $4,825 by Thursday, August 8th. For full details and to help Nat and his team live their dreams, visit their Kickstarter campaign today.


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