Walking while Black
Playing while Black
Driving while Black
Jogging while Black
Sleeping while Black
Breathing while Black

Can we do that?
NHIs that are Human Beings
They got Triangles, Squares, Rectangles, circling the seen
Getting rid of the objects is part of the training

Death to Breonna Taylor
Death to Ahmaud Arbery
Death to George Floyd
Death to ‘Murica
But no death to Virus

Melanin soaking up Vitamin D
Trying to repel COVID 19
Quarantine is a dream
Because we don’t want to wake up
In police brutality scenes

Cameras ain’t proof enough
Firing ain’t just for us
Looting and burning a means to abrupt and cuff
Just Us Just Us Just Us Justice in rough

So Afropessimism
Against Racism
Black Americanism
Objectivism Realism

Ignorance ain’t free
It just running around loose on credit with an EDD debit
Stimulus checks ain’t enough for the debt
Country burning down in flames
Built by slaves for free, now ain’t nothing to claim

Objects making humane stands
Homeless in the Homeland
Coming from a Motherland
Forefathers didn’t have a plan
Congress is now a no demand
Got a .45 in office with a sui-psycho-social-genocide Klan

Black is blues, red, gold, and green news
Sometime purple bruises too
‘Murica been had us in a noose
Inject bleach or Hydroxychloroquine
with or without azithromycin
WTF does that mean.

People without a mask
Objects with a mask
People without dogs on leash
Objects are threats that politely ask
Firing you and losing your pet ain’t enough
Just question an object when you around us…

What are you looking for?