A Plea for Peace

I created this poem in response to all the combative chatter that has been all over social media and in the news lately.  I wrote it in between takes on a commercial shoot in LA that I was involved in, which helped pass the time and helped me wind down from all the media provocation that had me so agitated.
I wrote it in iambic pentameter to elevate the discourse, and which, as an exercise, is calming, like knitting. What we want peace to be.
Afterwards I realized it would be effective to make one of my impressions videos out of it, and assigned different celebrities to say particular lines. I recorded the voices in my home studio, created the artwork and had my friend Geoff Levin compose some simple music. I hope people find something to relate to in it.
[embedvideo id=”MnInxVdhX-A” website=”youtube”]
Top image: Prayer flags, courtesy Wikimedia.

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