A Review of Brilliant Earth’s Engagement Rings

So you’re in the market for an engagement ring? Lucky for you, there are lots of options out there. However, if you pride yourself on being a responsible consumer, you will want to find a ring that contains diamonds that have been ethically sourced. An ethically sourced diamond is a diamond that originates from a mine that complies with strict labor and environmental regulations. This means that there is no forced or child labor, workers get fair wages and safe working conditions, and diamond sales don’t fund civil wars.

A known retailer of engagement rings with ethically sourced diamonds is Brilliant Earth. Many Brilliant Earth reviews cover what makes this retailer’s diamonds ethical, but they rarely touch on their engagement rings’ quality. Therefore, in this article, we’re going to explain what makes Brilliant Earth a source of ethical diamonds and what makes their engagement rings stand out from the crowd.

What Makes Their Diamonds Ethical?

Brilliant Earth promises beyond-conflict-free diamonds. This means that their diamonds don’t finance rebel movements. Furthermore, the diamonds come from mines that protect their workers against human rights abuses and practice safe and responsible labor practices. Additionally, these mines support community development and operate in such a way as to minimize environmental degradation.

Of course, any company can make these claims, but how do you, as a consumer, know if they’re telling the truth? 

Brilliant Earth’s claims can be verified in several ways. For one, they are members of the Responsible Jewelry Council. This council sets the industry standard for ethical practices in the jewelry industry. Brilliant Earth could only be a member of this council if their ethical claims were legitimate. However, if you still have doubts, Brilliant Earth is upfront about how they know their diamonds come from ethical mines. According to their website, Brilliant Earth integrates blockchain technology with their supply chain to track a diamond from the moment it leaves the ground to the time it arrives in store.

Most of Brilliant Earth’s bands are made from recycled precious metals. This reduces the need to mine new metals, thus reducing the impact on the environment. In particular, gold mining is well known for its history of harming the environment and its proliferation of human rights abuses. Therefore, a Brilliant Earth band, by using recycled gold, means you can feel good that you’re not supporting harmful practices.

Furthermore, Brilliant Earth is known for its charitable donations. Part of their ethical mission includes donating 5% of their net profits to help create a better future for the mining communities where they source their diamonds.

What Sets Their Engagement Rings Apart?

Now that we’ve established that Brilliant Earth offers rings containing ethically sourced diamonds, we need to demonstrate why you would pick Brilliant Earth’s engagement rings over any other ethical jeweler.

Brilliant Earth offers a vast selection of engagement rings. You can choose between platinum, white, rose, or yellow gold for their band and setting. They also have a choice in styles, with options ranging from classic simple lines to diamonds and gemstones set into the band.

Brilliant Earth rings can customize their rings to your exact specifications. You can choose the diamond, the diamond’s shape, the style of ring, the setting style, and the color. As a result, you will get a ring that is unique to you or you’re beloved.

An engagement ring is meant to symbolize a lifelong intent. Therefore you want the ring to ensure for a lifetime. Brilliant Earth is so confident in their jewelry quality that they offer a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. Additionally, they offer a free lifetime diamond upgrade. This means that they will apply a loose diamond’s original purchase price toward any new purchase of a diamond that is at least 50% greater in value. Consequently, you can plan to upgrade your ring in the future for momentous occasions.


If you’re a conscious consumer who wants a unique and ethical engagement ring, you should consider Brilliant Earth. Brilliant Earth sources diamonds from mines that protect against human rights abuses, practice safe labor practices, support community development, reduce its environmental impact, and don’t use diamonds to finance rebel movements. They also mainly use recycled precious metals for their bands, which reduces the need to mine new metals and positively impacts the environment. Furthermore, they donate 5% of their net profits to improving the lives of the people in mining communities. All this, and they offer a wide selection of ring metals and styles. From the diamond to the setting, the band, your ring is completely customizable and guaranteed for a lifetime.

Image by Grown Diamond from Pixabay 

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