A Theatre Salon on the Theme of Violence


On Monday, myself and my regular group of theatre salonistas (Mark Jackson, Rob Avila and John and Kimball Wilkins, and Beth Wilmurt) produced the latest in our ongoing series of “theatre salons” at Z Space in San Francisco. We’ve been doing these ad hoc salons every few months since 2007 as a way to bring artists and others from the Bay Area performing arts community together together to eat, drink and talk in-depth about some theatre-related subject. We pick the topic, date and location and ask our guests to bring themselves, possibly a friend, and definitely a bottle of twine. The topic for Monday was “violence.”

Mark captured my feelings about the soiree in a long, reflective email about it which he sent out to our group yesterday: “No matter how we organize or disorganize it, the event always seems to turn out pretty well in the end, serving as a rare non-networking gathering of people with differing points of view and a shared interest in theater as something worth talking about.”

I was very much against the topic of violence when it was suggested months ago. I was worried that the theme was too diffuse and would end up being like an undergraduate social studies seminar. But it actually turned out to be one of the best salons we’ve held to date.


Re-posted with permission.

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