A THROWBACK: Zimbabwe’s cracked footprints towards the Coup and beyond

He is an energetic, a rare breed of the Zimbabwean revolution, an ideologue, whose tongue-lashing and verbal acid spewing lips, rude honesty and raw revolutionary anger does not stop in front of any sacred cow, a multi-talented cadre whose creativity and wit is shaped by the gun, ideology and the pen. His candid verbosity and dogmatic crudeness failed to please his wartime political grandmaster, Robert Gabriel Mugabe and most of his cronies. Cde Che and others are angered like everybody else, by the cancer of Mugabeism and its autocracy that has been transferred from the power corridors to the bedrooms and kitchens of the state house, whose occupants have become title deed holders of Zimbabwe, instead of the Zimbabwean masses.


The POVO should be the sole owners of the country between Zambezi and Limpopo. Cde Che believed much in ZANU-PF and its wartime social-ideological, revolutionary approach, but of late his emotions were aroused by the careless regime leader and his kitchen politburo. He is worried of a leader in Mugabe who has since welcomed political turncoats and ideological tricksters like (Jonathan Moyo) to juggle the state bureaucracy and the executive presidential seat like lottery balls.

The Gangster 40 political cancer is sinking the revolutionary titanic – ZANU-PF into a deep oblivion. The political clashes in the highest echelons of the state are burning and have burnt the high hopes of the once well-oiled governance system, and this highly powered tussle is fast deteriorating the energy of the once well-functioning state, while stifling national development. The masses are angry and hungry. Cde Che himself has worked tirelessly on designing and implementing the most popular, lifesaving Look East Policy, an economic strategy that saved Zimbabwe during decades of acute poverty, perpetuated by the smashing sanctions from Western powers, sanctions that have thrown the Zimbabwean moral and economic flesh to the dogs.

In the past, two sanctions have become the election campaign propaganda tool used by the hopeless and desperate ZANU-PF political machinery. Cde Che and his revolutionary cabal have honestly, crudely and rudely told the old, political grandmaster behind the steering wheel of the sinking titanic ZANU-PF to cease power for a better, if not the best leadership hands. The Cde Che cabal is irked by the kitchen anointment of Grace Mugabe to the echelons of power by her political bishop Robert Gabriel Mugabe.

The biggest Zimbabwean political mistake is that during the past decade, Cde Che and cabal have been glossing Mugabe with such godly and angelic political anointment that is maybe before the fall out, though their revolutionary stance and political opinions are seemingly sincere and their grandstanding against political hegemony is honest.

The political vaselining of Mugabe by war veterans warmed the dictator in him, and led their once revered leader into thinking that he is bigger than Zimbabwe and the masses that live in it. The revolutionary war veterans feel that their political grandmaster has played big time by anointing his disrespectful, verbally and morally deficient ‘Queen Grace the Troublemaker’ to the political leadership altar, leaving revolutionary maestros, liberation war fighters and former struggle commissars licking their wounds, while he, Mugabe, dangles the money carrot to those who choose wealth against political and ideological principle.

Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe (L) and his wife Grace at a rally at Chubuku stadium in Chitungwiza town about 35km south of Harare, July 16, 2013. Zimbabwe goes to the polls on July 31.
Grace Mugabe at a rally at Chubuku stadium in Chitungwiza town about 35km south of Harare, July 16, 2013.

In my opinion, the revolutionary CADRES believe that CHANGE in Zimbabwe must begin by changing the leadership matrix in the ruling ZANU-PF party, including laying off their political lotterist Robert Mugabe. Cde Che and his cabal are tired of the Mugabe hegemony and the infuriating scorn the liberation veterans receive from the verbal cyclone Grace Mugabe, whose verbal acid burns the fontanels of the eldest liberation strongmen, most of whom are victimized daily in the corridors of power. Grace Mugabe has become Zimbabwe and Zimbabwe is now Grace Mugabe, she has tasted more sweetness than bitterness in the power trenches since her meteoric rise to the politburo – the highest decision making body in the ZANU-PF power structures.

I think it’s time now that Grace the Cyclone should be fitted with her political shoe size by the Zimbabwean masses. Grace is working with the Zimbabwean political Squealer, who is the only member of the smoke ridden politburo allowed to tweet and give interviews to independent media, while other members are reprimanded or suspended whenever they romance with the independent media. It is quite evident that this is a serious ploy to silence dissenting voices like those of Cde Che and his revolutionary Cabal.


The Squealer in the name of Jonathan Moyo has worked so hard to help Grace the Cyclone flash out all strongmen and women who have stood with Mugabe throughout all revolutionary seasons and political climate changes. The political energy in Mugabe is fast dwindling. He is holding on a political thread, because of both his age and his failure to protect the masses who vote for him and his political and revolutionary veterans like Cde Che, Cde Teurai Ropa, Cde Dambudzo Munangagwa, Cde Dabengwa and many others who are buried at the hero-worshipping acre once the Heroes’ Acre. Bogus heroes who have hero-worshipped Mugabe in their lifetime are buried at this sacred place, while real heroes or war cadres are thrown to the dogs.

The Gangsters of 40 Cabal as it is called, don’t care who swallows the stone, chalk or saliva, or who dies as they continue to perpetuate pandemonium in the whole soapy political drama of a sinking, once all powerful Mugabe and his veterans. Political soothsayers believe that the black Goebbels is the magician in the shrinking, the shivering and dancing exhibited in the ZANU- PF theatre musicals about leadership succession. He is the artist who has created the secessionist musical soapy that has since occupied headlines in the tabloids and paparazzi journals since the year 2000. While the media is busy lunching on this political fodder, the masses are gliding fast into abject poverty and moral disarray, giving them more seething anger, a fact that makes the G40 gangsters happy, as they want Mugabe out of office as a consequence of his wife’s careless verbal seizures.

Zimbabwe has no official currency, the hopes of having a new local currency and a sound economy is far from being achieved. Zimbabwe is currently haunted by parliamentary rifts and cabinet squabbles that are not doing the citizens of Zimbabwe any good. Zimbabweans have since suffered from moral kwashiorkor and dignity pellagra, their humane compass is by far lost. Zimbabweans have been reduced to the level of naked hyenas and all night crying hungry jackals who have devised immoral tactics in attaining daily livelihood. The titanic is fast sinking, Cde Che and others are crying blood tears, watching the Zimbabwean political ship ZANU-PF sink (!), while driven by hoodlums in the name of Gangsters of 40 who have since poisoned the political bishop at the steering wheel with hatred and witch hunt rhetoric rather than with respect. By doing so, the G40 gangsters are rubbishing Mugabe and his revolutionary cronies because Mugabe himself is a war cadre. So disrespecting war veterans of the struggle of liberation is like disrespecting Mugabe or else he, Mugabe, has sold out his revolutionary credentials by anointing and respecting those who are dining with his wife on political dinner tables in ZANU-PF, thereby discrediting the concerns of the struggle liberators who raised his political bar since the 70s.

To the other extent revolutionary cadres are also paying through their rough noses because when the only brave man, Morgan Tsvangirai, won the elections in 2008, the War veterans and ZANU-PF disputed the elections and subjected the masses into serious violent campaigns, which left many opposition cadres and the majority of Zimbabweans dead. The campaign trail was decorated with the blood of masses like in a great war. Many died, many disappeared and many fled the country into neighboring countries for their own safety. Bishop Mugabe has survived many political storms by using the war cadres and later discarded them into revolutionary dustbins like condoms.

The War veterans participated in the shaping of a dictator, his kitchen cabinet and his bedroom politburo which is now roasting them. Mugabe no longer adheres to the tune of the revolutionary songs and the hymns of their Leninist vision. The songs of revolution by cadres are now old fashioned to Mugabe. He has since discovered a new political ideology and song – the G40 and the puppet Youth League leadership who do not decide anything and are dazed in utter confusion. Mugabe is the Youth League and the Presidium and Grace Mugabe is the Women League and the Politburo, if not de-facto head of government. Zimbabwe is now a political monarchy.


The war veterans have pampered Mugabe as a political god with the warm blanket of autocracy, now the autocratic weevil in Mugabe is manifesting and it’s roasting sons and daughters for supper, whereas Cde Joice Mujuru and Cde Didymus Mutasa, once the Lion Of Manicaland, are rotting in political gutters. This is a big lesson for the masses of voters, activists and propagandists, both in ZANU-PF and opposition politics: that creating personality cults is cultivating leadership arrogance and dictatorship. Dictatorship in Zimbabwe has given birth to innumerable cults, including the G40 cult, Team Lacoste cult, the Children of War Veteran Cult, Grandchildren of War Veterans Cult, the Chatunga and Young Robert Cult, the Grace Cyclone cult, the corruption and looting cults, etc…

Mugabe is leading the country like an ice cream machine at Gushungo Dairy – his private limited dairy company. A downhill statesman who has failed to anoint a successor in peace, a failed statesman who took the country from the people and gave it to his wife. The opposition in Zimbabwe must take advantage of the succession confusion and bring the country back to the people. The masses must take back their country as well – a luta continua.


Letter To My Daughter

This poem reshuffled cabinet
The rhythm resigned the president
Its metaphors adjourned parliament

My daughter
Awaken sleeping patriots eating peanut in slogan darkness
rise dozing voters in the warmth of political acid
Awaken struggle heroes in graves tired of wrong epitaphs and fake eulogies
Awaken fat cats puffing zanunised propaganda burgers in slumber

Rise green horns drinking much talked herbal tea of change
Grandfathers of patriotism to bring back
Truth drowning in potholes of grief
God fathers of change to bring back my vote choked in drums of new renewed

bring red hot charcoal to roast political bedbugs sucking our blood in daylight
Bring a word scientist to burn the justified injustice in poetic sulphuric acid

My daughter
This poem reshuffled cabinet
The rhythm resigned the president
The metaphors adjourned parliament.

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