A Trip to Michigan: Enjoying the Wolverine State for Free

When people from around the world think of a trip to the United States, they often have Las Vegas, New York City, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, or even Washington DC at the forefront of their minds. However, one of the most scenic, naturally stunning, and overall best destinations in the US is the state of Michigan.

Known within the nation’s borders as a prime holiday destination, the likes of Detroit, Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor, and surrounding settlements are often overlooked. This is to their detriment as not only does the Wolverine State offer a tremendous range of activities, but some of the best of them can be enjoyed free of charge.

The natural splendor of Michigan

Michigan is known for its car manufacturing, woodlands, and lakes, with the Upper Peninsula being the prime destination for travelers looking to experience the latter of those three. The Upper Peninsula offers an incredible blend of sandstone cliffs, sandy beaches, clear waters, forests, wetlands, bogs, and lakes.

The Smithsonian write-up of the wilderness of Michigan lauds the Upper Peninsula as the “summer playground of Midwesterners,” citing its incredible allure through the decades. There’s Lake Superior northwards, Lake Huron eastwards, and Lake Michigan southwards, with waterfalls and woodlands in abundance in between.

Free fun in Michigan

Michigan may be steeped in history and natural wonder, but the state’s residents have certainly been at the forefront of the latest trend in digital entertainment to sweep across the US. Now, anyone in the state can go online and play online casino games, with some platforms offering completely free ways to play. With the BetMGM bonus codes, residents and visitors to Michigan can claim a $25 no-deposit bonus to play for free.

While casino gaming can be enjoyed anywhere that you can land an internet connection, via mobile or computer, this next free entertainment offering is much more specific in its time and place. Every year, the state opens its incredible lakes to Free Fishing Weekend events, spanning one weekend twice per year. In 2023, these will take place on 18 and 19 February as well as 10 and 11 June, with fishing not requiring a license or any kind of fee.

Cultural highlights of Michigan that are free of charge

You’ll often find cultural gems in major cities that are not just a marvel of the area’s history, but also free to explore. In Michigan, one of the most popular of these is the Detroit Historical Museum. More than a house for the history of the city, the Historical Museum encompasses the history of the Detroit region, taking you through some 300 years of history.

For a modern cultural kick, be sure to visit Grand Rapids during ArtPrize season. The annual competition, which was started by Rick DeVos in 2009, opens the city up to artists around the world for nearly three weeks. During this time, artists can display their art anywhere within the given district. It attracts many great artists, with this year’s competition having a $250,000 prize pool.

To the rest of the world, much of Michigan could be considered a hidden gem for holidaymakers, and best of all, so many of the greatest sites, entertainment offerings, and experiences can be enjoyed for free.

Photo by Jason Brower on Unsplash

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