Abuchi Onyema: “The Monster You Made”

The Monster You Made

While I sat on my past deflection
Reflecting whilst a collateral damage
A future bamboozled by authority
Junk of institutions blazing our safety
Animal kingdom of politicos conjugation
Who wet our smiles with sadness
Clinching on our rights and freedom


Bend in my precarious abode
Where I gain or lose nothing
Sipping the fermented sap
From a tree of unfruitful kind
Groaning and gasping for help
But death looked away.


Hanged on the cross of crucifixion
Where you got me chiseled out
Crafting a monster you never need
Training me to resist fear and turbulent
I feed from the carcass of those you ripped
Thy bloods I drank in anger and vexation


Terror, that’s the A.K.A I chose to be addressed
I’m out to unleash unrest
The insanity of a beast with tornadoes of abyss
Feeding the hunger in me with a burning fire
Resisting your offers with chopped off heads
Like a vampire yearning for fresh bloods
Then, and only then you will know
I’m the monster you made!

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